The masked crusader drives out of the cave in the Batmobile. Gotham City is in danger again. Joker is playing his high jinx on innocent citizens. No matter the crisis: Batman will save the city from destruction. You know the supermen and women always win against the odds.

When we become ill, we can be surrounded by superheroes: doctors, nurses, surgeons and a million and one drugs. Most often they beat the not so funny joke of illness. Ultimately there is only one outcome: the body either succumb’s to disease or age: so it’s best to keep as well as possible and look after our body with extra care as we age.

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The Joker of Poor Health

A high percentage of humankind goes through life without longterm hope of staying healthy. Excessive work, risk-taking, ignoring feelings of tiredness and fatigue all contribute to a poor long-term outlook. And do not forget the artificial supports, alcohol, excess food, McFatBurgers and sugar-laden drinks. The Jokers of ill- health. You’ll see the happy laughs at the drunken party and painful hangovers the following day. Excess food at the restaurant and stomach ache from the curry. A quick bite of ‘who knows what at the burger shop and cholesterol-laden arteries ten years later. I know these examples: I was The Joker’s disciple for decades, laughing at his every deception.

In the last few years, I’ve had to take stock of joining in with the Jokers exploits. Surgery, a close relationship with pre-diabetic status and the realisation six decades of abuse equals aching bones. I know the Joker’s antics come with debts more significant than the money spent on those little pleasures. No, I’m not seriously ill, my body requires rest and TLC. The change has to be made: no use putting off the return to wellness. So, my choice is, to begin with, and enjoy a one-month regime of eating an 80% raw foods diet, and then return to the 5:2 diet, which worked exceptionally well for my metabolism.

I’m the same as many people: the reality is this 2019-21 crisis had taken its toll. No matter how strong our constitution, we have succumbed to a little too much comfort food and maybe a drink or two more than usual. And as the months have passed, the Joker’s joke has worn a little thin. No, I’ll rewrite the sentence: as the months have passed, Joker’s jokes have become kilos of fat. I threw away a two-year weight loss regime in less than eight months. Not catastrophic, but enough to fire a few expletives at the scales of injustice. Additional kilos are no joke Joker, and you’re about to meet a few superhero superfoods, who’ll knock your antics into oblivion. (There will be four SuperFood SuperHero articles published over the next two weeks).

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McFatBurger Will Get You in The End

A Batmobile is needed to transport the superhero: I’ll be driving the NutriBullet for a month to drive me to raw food meals made from superfood ingredients. For four weeks (Beginning 8th February) readers can follow the progress, and from today we’ll meet the first superhero superfood. Today we’ll review the Red Jewel – a Ruby Red tough guy ready to wage war on the oxidants, bad fats and cholesterol hiding away in my body’s blood vessels, veins, arteries. The name of SuperFood SuperHero is: 


Beetroot helps protect our hearts, bones, brains and makes your pee red! So do not worry the first time you see this beneficial side effect. Beneficial? Yes! Many dieticians believe the natural food dye still carries vitamins and minerals beneficial to the bladder lining.

Best eaten raw: it can be boiled and roasted. Remember though; heat breaks down minerals and vitamins and roughage. The SuperHero is still adequate and nutritious, just not so potent: keep this in mind. My choice is to turn the beet into a roughie, not a smoothie in the NutriBullett. For one example: reducing the beet with broccoli, carrot, orange, and a 1/4 teaspoon of chilli powder makes a hyper-health blend. It is ok to spin up a whole beet (only beetroot) blend with carrot juice or water. Anything goes so long as it tastes good. And do not forget to gently ‘chew’ the liquid before swallowing. It activates enzymes in your saliva and helps with digestion.

Chew Man Chew:

Chewing food is very important. Help the body help itself: salivary glands secrete various enzymes on the food to aid in absorption, the tongue manipulates the food to become saturated with the enzymes. The more finely chewed before entering the stomach the better. Remember Ian’s saying “Help the Body – Help Itself”. I do not care about your age or body condition: Anyone can improve poor physical wellbeing into better or excellent health: it is never too late to eat yourself healthy.

Back to SuperHero BeetRoot:

Beets are rich in phytonutrients known as betalains: powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and excellent for detoxification. SuperHero BeetRoot is rich in nitrates, which help muscles use oxygen more efficiently. NO! Not the evil nitrates found in processed foods: McFatBurger: ‘Lick’in processed fried chicken: Soggy oil-laden chips. No! Our SuperHero BeetRoot’s nitrates help with oxygen efficiency. Athletes who have SuperHero BeetRoot in their diet acknowledge the benefits. Some can shorten their race ‘times’ by as much as 1%. Not much, but the difference which can make the difference.

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SuperHero BeetRoot

Brain Efficiency:

Most of us benefit from better thinking and reasoning. And a healthy brain is a mind of freedom, without depression and other mental issues. Betalains in beets are used to treat depression. SuperHero BeetRoot also contains tryptophan, which is relaxing to the mind creating a sense of wellbeing. And what is not to like about feeling good?

Have a Heart – A Healthy Heart:

Betalains help to lower homocysteine levels and protect against heart disease and strokes. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are associated with high homocysteine levels betalains found in SuperHero BeetRoot have magical health benefits.

Healthy Liver = Healthy Life:

I once read an article which informed if the Liver was ailing: the whole body suffers. The Liver is our largest internal organ. My Liver has endured too much abuse over the decades (Sorry Liver: I beg your forgiveness). No problem: the critical message is one’s Liver is forgiving and if its owner chooses to give it a well-earned rest: It will say ‘Hey! You! I’m enjoying this holiday. Do you know what? I’ll repair myself and reward you in health and fitness’. 

The liver produces bile which can be protected and strengthened by betaine and folic acid, which positively influence the bile ducts kept free by SuperHero BeetRoot ingredients. Adequate liver function improves digestion: this means toxins are excreted from the body more efficiently. Live better Liver and help our wellbeing.

Down With High Blood Pressure:

SuperHero BeetRoot is on the case. Heart disease, heart failure and stroke, are accepted as A list of killers. High blood pressure is acknowledged as a friend to these killer conditions. SuperHero BeetRoot will biff the high pressure into submission: You’ll not want to go a round with this superhero: hidden killer high blood pressure.

Studies indicate SuperHero BeetRoot can significantly lower blood pressure: however, the benefit only lasts for around six hours after consumption and effects are best seen with raw beetroot. So, beetroot is an ally, not a saviour. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile part o this aspect of wellbeing health, and regular consumption is required to experience long-term reductions in blood pressure.


High Blood Pressure = Heart Disease – Stroke – Shortens Life

Finally – Weight Loss: 

SuperHero BeetRoot is not happy. Because I’ve only covered a few aspects of the SuperFood SuperHero’s abilities, if SuperHero BeetRoot only becomes part of a weekly health regime, benefits will be happening after a few days. Body, mind and constitution will thank you for considering the trio’s wellbeing. But before going, we have to consider SuperHero BeetRoot’s contribution to weight loss.

To most people, SuperHero BeetRoot has a pleasant taste. It is easy to include in any diet. Prepared SuperHero BeetRoot will help with weight loss, but, raw is the best. The vegetable is made up of a high percentage of water. It is packed with non-fattening nutrients and minerals. Remember, SuperHero BeetRoot is heavy for its size and if mixed with salad bulk out the meal. Most important the vegetable is one of the best sources of roughage. And this adds up to keeping one feeling full for longer.

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Weigh Loss

Try this simple meal:

Begin with torn up little gem lettuce leaves, two chopped tomatoes, a shredded beetroot, cucumber slices, grated carrot, pile on the beet and grated carrot use plenty, sliced spring onion, a boiled egg. Finally, make a light dressing with apple cider vinegar and light olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. How many calories? 350 maximum. If you need some carbs, add a small baked potato and take the calorie count up to 500. A healthy and powerhouse of wellbeing meal.

In the NutriBullett:

Washed and raw Broccoli – A medium-sized SuperHero BeetRoot – Half an orange – Small carrot – Teaspoon of ground flaxseed – Spring water or juice (I know there is much debate about using juice). Blast it up with two ten-second hits. The powerhouse of health is ready to eat. Remember to ‘chew’ the blend, and health magic happens.

There we have our introduction to SuperHero BeetRoot. A faithful friend and one who’ll contribute to wellbeing and health. Our bodies endure plenty of neglect over the years. The neglect will inevitably take its toll. And when the time of realisation comes, with arthritis, diabetes, cardiac disease, we may not turn around the damage. Still, in many cases, we can make life more comfortable and physically rewarding. 

The choice is yours: But know this: SuperHero BeetRoot is ready and waiting to help your return to wellbeing.

Ian Timothy

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