Tomorrow (04:02:21) Liz will be presenting her first LizianShop Live. And I’m looking forward to the first presentation. You will find the format somewhat different from the usual sales devoted to Facebook lives.

The first ‘live’ will be a pilot to work through the format. Over the next few weeks, you will see the live shop stock grow, and we’ll also make the ‘live’ a highly interactive event. Expect guests and special events.

Liz will be drawing in her 18 years of trading at LizianShop and a lifetime of collecting crystals and minerals. Everyone who talks crystals and minerals with Liz is left in no doubt about her knowledge of the subject. No one can know everything about geology. However, Liz surprises many people when asked about a specimen. Where the ‘gem’ of knowledge about a gem comes from is beyond speculation. Liz’s knowledge of the subject is well acknowledged!

Examples of Crystals on Display

Some years ago Liz had to make a choice. Whether to expand the LizianShop into a large business or stay a nine to five business, import would not have been an issue: after all, she worked in international freight for over a decade. Ian had useful contacts for import in China and Europe. Indeed, connections for larger supplies were made, and a few deals signed. However, this was not where Liz wanted to secure her future. She preferred to work with people on a one to one basis. Liz had worked for too long in the corporate world. A small and easily manageable format was the right place.

The years have passed, and Liz has built up a small business with a significant following. Indeed, Liz still serves her very first customer. How’s that for faithful service? Liz and Ian (Lizian) drove up and down the county at weekends selling at MBS and trade shows for eleven years. This was a profitable facet of the business, and during this time Lizian Crystals grew an extensive mailing and customer list: which still holds fast today.

Of course many of our Customers, Community Members and Events Visitors know, the connections with Annie resulted in taking the small Market Rasen Well Being Show to a more significant profile. Alongside the LizianShop there is now LizianEvents, Creativity Connected and an excellent association with Barrie John and the Pure Spirit brand. So while Liz wanted to run a small and easily manageable business: she has ended up being involved with four successful and small businesses.

And all of the connections have worked well together and are symbiotic. It is accurate to comment: The years of trading and building connection are evidence of Liz’s ethos and integrity. And this will be reflected in the weekly LizianShop live’s. You can be sure Liz will introduce viewers to great quality products and fair prices. Liz also comments ‘All product prices will include post and packaging. All shipping includes: signed for postage. There are no hidden extras: for example: if a sphere is promoted with a stand, the sale price will include the stand’ What you see is what you’ll receive’.

Join Liz on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM (19:00hrs) for a lively and enjoyable 90 minutes with crystals and minerals:

See You There

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