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So that you know this is a biased review. There are no comparisons of other machines. I will write about the different choices of blenders from the same maker. In reality, they all work the same, and there are additional features. Having the power to blend potato, raw beetroot, and carrot is an essential factor: and you’ll think the 900 or 1000 watt versions have the advantage: maybe not: my 600-watt version is well up to the job.

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Magic NutriBullett

There are NutriBullett’s with variable speed: pulse cutting and different programs. The original blender with 600 watts of power will pulverise, chop and blend anything you put in the cutting vessel. Mine is two or more years old and is used for blending smoothies, soups and even Yorkshire pudding mixes. And the NutriBullett makes the finest and fastest pancake mix known to humankind. Eggs, flour, water, milk and salt in the pot: two ten-second blasts and you’re cooking the lightest pancakes. Eat your heart out, Jamie.


I owned a juicer for two years ago. Used it with enthusiasm for a month or so and then gave it away. What a messy process. Chop the ingredients small and the force them down a tube into a cutting unit. As the nightmare continues: the waste of pith and skin grows in the collecting tub. When the time-wasting exercise is over, you have a litre (depending on your machine) of juice. Please give me strength, and it’s easier to buy a ready-made concoction from Tescos. Cleaning down the juicer is another half hour of possible sliced fingers and toiling with little bits of debris that seem superglued into crevices. If I won the lotto, I’d buy a few juicers and send them to my worse enemies. Revenge in a juicer dot com!

One should not dismiss the positive benefits of consuming a drink from a juicer: I know there is plenty of argument for the juicers: but at the present moment I cannot recall a one. NutriBullett produces a delicate and smooth liquid. It is versatile and as indicated so easy to make.

Quick Note:

Always clean the NutriBullett immediately after use: wash the cutters under a hot tap and wash out the ingredient vessel. Then half fill the ingredient vessel with tepid water: screw the blades onto the vessel and blast the NutriBullett for 15 seconds, pour away the water and the machine is ready to spin a food tune when next needed.


Blending is different: you chop the ingredients put them in the cutting vessel and wizz the machine which turns them into a smoothie. Think about possible choices of ingredients. Why not mix broccoli with oranges, lemon and an avocado? Or celery, mixed nuts, carrots and an apple? Take no prisoners: every type of fruit, veg, nuts, herbs and spices can be beaten into submission with a NutriBullett. With most blends, you’ll need to add water to thin the combination. Some people use cloudy apple or fruit juice to dilute the mix.

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Select the Ingredients and Cut to Size (The spoon contains ground flax)

Thousands of people use NutriBulletts every day and have done so for many years. On can find thousands of recipes for the blender on the internet. Heath professionals endorse the product and the consumption of fruit and vegetable smoothies. At the boardroom table of health: a blend of superfood Fruit and Vegetables beats a tin of Coke and MacFatBoy every time. The NutriBullett is chairperson of the board and wins the heath vote every time.

What can NutriBullett Produce? Here are a few examples:


Have you just been rolling a snowman? Then fill the NutriBullett vessel with a potato, greens as you please, a heaped teaspoon of cornflower, some herbs and spices. Blend the ingredients with two 15 second blasts of the NutriBullett. Now heat the soup with microwave or saucepan, and the result is terrific. Add thick bread and butter the meal is made. Of course, you can add, cream, butter, pulses, anything you think will make a soup.

Bolognese sauce? Fill the vessel with a tin of chopped tomato (or fresh even better), a teaspoon of cornflour, good squeeze of tomato paste, half a small onion, stick of celery, clove or ten of garlic, Italian herbs and spices, beef stock cube (optional) teaspoon of butter, a dessertspoon of olive oil. Big blast of the NutriBullett and you are ready to go: cook your mince and add the sauce ten minutes before serving: NutriBullett magic.

The key to NutriBullett is you keep all of the fruit or vegetable roughage in the blend. There is no heat involved in the process, and the enzymes are alive and kicking as soon as the mix is complete. And if you are cooking sauces or soups, the cooking time is so short you’ll have not heated the living goodness out of the sauce, dish or soup.

Summer Time:

Make a nice cold smoothie with fruit and ice. Half fill the blending vessel with ice and hit the mint, berries and grapes blast the mix for 15-20 seconds and pour. Just keep refilling and pouring until everyone has a glass of refreshing summer sunshine: and as good as any ice lolly and without additives. You can make up blends and freeze them with a stick. If you are making ice cream use a banana to provide shop-bought consistency. Make sure you buzz the mix for only three seconds wait for fifteen seconds and buzz the mixture for another three seconds: and then once more, and the blend is made, straight into a plastic bowl and freeze. Make three containers of supplies, as one spoonful is not enough for a kids party.

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Super Colour – Super Health

Any More?

Take the imagination into the realms of sublime fruit and vegetable happiness. Now let us get serious. The NutriBullett can be a real aid to health issues. We know the raw food diet has attained an almost miracle reputation for repairing of the body. Raw food contains all the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Cooking food either lowers or removes these vital ingredients. Would you believe raw food is digested twice as fast than cooked food? You can be sure I’ve researched that fact. So if you are not fairing so well: a NutriBullett, vegetables and fruit my save your health.


Owning a NutriBullett is a zero-waste option. So long as your fruit and veg is not growing a fungus beard or is black rotten, it’s a go for the cutting chamber. I scrape my veg and remove peel from citrus fruit: and veg and fruit get rinsed under the tap before being chopped. I know I’m a wimp: there are some tough-raw eaters out there who wash, chop and go, pith and kin all go in! But I suppose we all have parameters. If you have an excellent fruit and veg market man: get to know him: be faithful: and ask if you can buy fruit and veg for blending. You’d be amazed at how many bags a fiver will buy. Ok you will have to accept a few items need to go into the compost bin: but 98% will be edible and super healthy.

Example of How The NutriBullett can process a Magic Superfood:

It is worthwhile researching the potentials of superfoods. One, in particular, is raw beetroot. In the past Beetroot was used to treat skin problems, constipation, fevers and related ailments. Today, we know beetroot is an excellent source of iron, folate and antioxidants such as magnesium, betaine and nitrates. It is a nutritional magician. And beetroot is an excellent source of B1, B2, B3, C plus folic acid, beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium and iron.

The issue is beetroot is a nightmare to shred and prepare raw. Cooking is a time-consuming process and also results in loss of the nutritional potentials. The Nutribullett deals with raw beetroot superfood in less than 20 seconds (two ten-second blasts). Mix beetroot, broccoli, celery and a 1/4 teaspoon of chilli powder and you are consuming a powerhouse of health.

I will be writing about superfoods next week. And if you have a NutriBullett, it is easy to eat them raw. Do not underestimate the life-changing benefits of a one-month regime of smoothie health. As for the weight loss aspect: now that’s another article (or two).

Ian Timothy

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