An interesting word don’t you think?

Let us begin with a dictionary definition:
Noun: Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. the state or condition of being deceived; misapprehension. an instance of being deceived. … a perception, as of visual stimuli (optical illusion) that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality. (

Is there a lesson to be learnt from really taking in what this meaning is trying to say?

As a whole are we being deceived by a false or misleading impression of our reality? Every day we may come across an illusion, something we thought was true and honest but was found to be not so. Only discovered when the illusion was broken. You could take the example of a relationship, where you believed it to be happy, loving and so on, and then that illusion was shattered when the other person ended it for no reason and you didn’t see it happening.

A creation of circumstance and thought of how our mind leads us to believe something, can you think of a time when this happened to you? 

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An Illusion?

For me for the above a feeling of Déjà vu, of being in a place what I didn’t know, but yet I recognised! One would be a visit to Lindisfarne on Holy Island, which is off the coast of Northumberland. My husband and I parked up; I jumped out of the car, and felt such excitement and was eager to set off. I told my husband how I was feeling, and just knew I had been there before. Even now typing this I can feel the excitement and the energy of that moment. It might not always be a positive feeling though, and the illusion we see and our thoughts surrounding it may have a negative connotation.

How many times in our lifetimes are we led to believe that illusions are real? 100’s, 1,000’s, take a moment to think on this question, ask yourself was it for your best interests or not?

The following excerpt is from Joe Brewer’s article ‘How Political Mind Control Works’ but take the political out of it please.

This is how our minds work. We construct illusions of meaning that we then act out as meaningful things while we go about our lives.

So are we living under one mass illusion, one that has been created for us? How do you feel about that? Is your life impacted by not fully grasping what is actually real and what is an illusion?

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Reality is Sometimes Difficult to Accept

Of course, these are my musings. I am concerned many people are struggling to get through their daily lives, due to excessive external concerns that aren’t of their own making: a truly frightening situation.

Why do we allow ourselves to fall victims to illusion? Is it because they (suggestions: ideas: advertisements) are enticing? Do they give us hope or despair? I really don’t think there is a single answer. Because we are unique and amazing beings, each of us engages different perceptions. What we believe is a reality will be just that: and some will be too afraid to rock the boat. Others will disagree, research the information, consider the proposals and choose to challenge the idea: and they will not linger and fester: once understood, they move on, living a progressive and positive life.

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See The Light Not The Shadows

All of us have a journey to undertake. Every one of us and first and foremost I would urge you to trust yourself And learn to know that as a unique individual you have the power to understand what IS needed to be happy and fulfilled and whatever else you desire. But keep in the back of your mind: for some of us, a helping hand may be needed to begin the journey. And to know this is to understand great wisdom. No child becomes great without great teachers and mentors. Asking for and seeking guidance and help is to be human and involved in the evolution of humankind.

Remember even though we are individual people, we are all connected by our energies.  

“There ‘maketh’ the strands of life you will overcome when you stand together”  

Claire Guichard

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  1. A good piece.

    I prefer to talk of perception rather than illusion.

    Perception is critical to our everyday life. We perceive that a chair that we have never sat in before will not collapse under our weight. We perceive that when a traffic light is green for us, it is red for intersecting traffic. We perceive that a doctor whom we consult is qualified. If we authenticated those perceptions, every perception, we could not exist.

    I think the key is to understand that we make decisions on available information. Sometimes we become lazy. Our fuel gauge is almost empty – but we attempt a journey on the boundaries of what we are likely to have in our tank anyway.

    Who we are is also shaped by how others perceive us. If we were on our totally own, what would demonstrate what we are?

    I am always suspicious of those who declare “I am what I am”. As a declaration of self acceptance it is brilliant. As a rejection of the world around them it can be lousy.

    • Hi Gary,

      Perception, and how we perceive things around us is important, but when an illusion is created, our perception would not necessarily see the truth or the possibility that it isn’t real, to my mind they go hand in hand. It has been known for ‘Dr’s’ to create the illusion of been qualified when they are not….therefore a correlation between the two can be seen.

      You could look at somebody and perceive them to be rich when actually they are poor, but they could be giving the illusion of being rich couldn’t they?
      and if we were totally on our own, wouldn’t we find a way to demonstrate who we are ultimately, we don’t need someone else’s perception to be who or what we are.

      Your last statement confuses me a little, as someone who is confident enough to be who and what they are is something good surely, their own perception of themselves is pure and true…in effect they have struggled with themselves not the outside world.

      Thankyou for your comment Gary

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