No argument we have to conclude today’s trading at The Newark Well Being Market was superb. Not only did we have an excellent response from the hundreds of Visitors: The Community – Stallholders and Therapists enjoyed a sound day’s trading.

Let us be accurate. No one could see into the future. And the uncertainty of the last months has left a thread of uncertainty within the soul of millions people. My observation of today’s market, is people just wished to get out and enjoy the moment. And we know from talk to Visitors they did not know what to expect. Even so, the feedback has been without doubt positive.

As Visitors left they offered thanks for our endeavours: and by our the sentiment is directed at the people who choose to become part of the Well Being Market. Nothing can take away what they have achieved today. Every one of you are sparking diamonds in a dark sky.

There is every possibility Sunday will mirror today’s trading. And it is fair to say that the financial aspect is secondary to the powerful upliftment.

Many thanks to everyone who attended on Saturday!

The Market is Dedicated to the Memory
Mike McGill
A Stalwart Supporter

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