Each LizianEvents Live will also be available on LEN (LizianEvents News). While the Facebook reach is very good indeed there is need to promote Community-Exhibitors work further. Therefore the recordings of the ‘lives’ will appear on these pages.

Rick is a popular supporter of the Well Being Brand and he is always ready to talk about his work. Not only this, Rick is a consistent supporter of fellow Community Members work. He is relentless in his pursuit of Well Being Awareness. In the video Rick talks about his future plans: and toward the end of the interview Ian and Rick talk about the symbolism of Tarot and how it can help in many aspects of daily life.

Enjoy The Video:

Rick’s Website Link

Community Members should have little doubt about the promotional potential of becoming a guest on the Facebook LizianEvents Live’s. An organic reach in excess of 1000 is entirely feasible. And yes! Not only does the guest benefit from the recording but the Well Being attendance will also be increased. We can state with accuracy: New Visitors come to the events after watching and reading our media streams. If your desire is to gain visibility and new followers then become a guest on the LizianEvents Facebook Live’s. Incidentally, you do not have to be a Community Exhibitor to benefit from being a guest! If there is a story to tell our product to promote use the contact form below to find out more:

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