Readers may find this weeks article out of sequence! I apologise. I’m writing from abbreviated notes.

The bookings are coming in daily for the Lincoln Well Being Market (4 + 5 June). And I’m more than aware I mention booking interest in most of my Sunday posts. However, I’m proud of what is being attained. Because this is recognition not only for our work but for the continual work, promotion and sharing of many Community Members.

I’m asked about my feeling about possible restrictions in July. From a personal viewpoint: there is no concern. Even though I’m a dedicated optimist, there is a need for a realistic outlook. Therefore, we will continue to take bookings for all events on the calendar. But, remember, no deposits are required, nor are we asking for long-term upfront payments. May our God’s forbid another setback, which means returning stand fees. So we choose to take one event at a time.

EpicCentreOct20: LizianEvents Ltd

We Have A Vast Area and Wonderful Building For The Lincolnshire Well Being Market

Never before have we seen so much media traffic and dedication to the Well Being Brand. And it is evident many more people are aware of the Well Being Events. So, my thanks to everyone who has become an essential part of the Well Being Brand. Incidentally, thirty people have joined LizianEvents Facebook Group in the last week. Indeed, an indication of momentum and awareness is attained.

As Ian and I have always maintained, once the momentum of sharing and promoting the events becomes part of The Community commitment, magic will happen: and I believe we are seeing the rewards. Bookings are healthy and, as previously referred to, coming in countrywide.

Furthermore, Visitor interest is robust, and enquires are more significant than previously known. Of course, it changes from standard patterns, which are good indicators of how much progress is being made. And there is no doubting the growing interest in the events, from potential exhibitors and new Visitors.

Talk and presentation schedules for the Lincolnshire Well Being Market will be published on Monday (22:04:21). There will be plenty of options for visitors to enjoy. The Epic Centre has plenty of talk room space available. But we’ll still have to provide plenty of space between chairs; therefore, the seating numbers will be reduced from the previous event. Although, being able to give presentations is a welcome return to Well Being normality. And we must be thankful for the chance to put the schedule together.

Ian’s Monday and Wednesday LizianEvents Facebook Lives are proving popular. This past week has seen him talking to Gary Whitt and Paul Willcock, accompanied by his partner Debbie. The ‘lives’ are also significant indicators of awareness of the Well Being Brand: and of course, those who take part in them see the advantages. Gary Whitt’s life has enjoyed over 400 views, and Paul’s is of a similar number. An astute reader looking for a valuable conduit for promotion could consider becoming a guest on either Monday or Wednesday.

Paul Willcock: LizianEvents

Paul Willcock – A Great Wednesday Facebook Live Guest

We have less than two weeks to go before we open doors to the Lincolnshire Well Being Market. I’m sure of how this event will run. There will be a vast and varied number of Community-Exhibitors at the event, which will mean Visitors have every reason to travel to the showground. 

You can be assured not a second will be wasted in promotional activity over the coming days. Facebook lives daily post here on LEN: webpage updates: and alternate days of emails being sent to the mailing list. Everything which can be done to increase Visitor awareness will be done. And if you choose to share the posts: Join LizianEvents Facebook Group: Visit and like LizianEvents Facebook page or contribute to LizianEvents Facebook live, all the better. Never has there been a more critical time to bring people together: Never has there been a more important time to find ways to become a Well Being.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. I think the outlook for no new, or reinstated Covid restrictions are good for the period up to and including the 21st June. This puts the Lizian shows in a very strong position for the rest of the year.

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