This is the draft talks presentation agenda for The Lincolnshire Well Being Market: A fully detailed list will be published on Monday (31 May 2021). Many thanks for your patience: But you’ll get a good idea of the talks schedule from the list.

Saturday 5 June 2021

Room 1

11am Brigitte Rix – Author ‘I Talk with Spirit’

12noon Peter Wall – Innerlight Academy of Hypnosis

1pm Claire Hegarty – ‘The Wizards Secrets’

2pm Steven Blake – Old Pain 2 Go

3pm Barrie John Medium 

Room 2

11am Healing Meditation

12noon Philip Underwood

1pm Jane Osborne – Past Life Regression

2pm Iza Moon

3pm Philip Underwood 

Room 3

11am Don & Carol Harradine – Dance of Life

12noon Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings

1pm Kirstie Starchild

2pm Tavi – The Hempman


Room 4

11am Darren Stanton – TV Psychologist

12noon Robert Glenton – Upbeat Lincoln

1pm Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk

2pm Carol Wallace – Crystals

3pm Ros Johnson – Hedera Herbal Medicine

Sunday 6 June 2021 

Room 1

11am Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk

12noon Rick Paul 

1pm Peter Wall – Innerlight Academy of Hypnosis

2pm Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings


Room 2

11am Philip Underwood

12noon Rachel Bavin – Elemental Balance

1pm Tavi – The Hempman

2pm Philip Underwood

3pm Robert Glenton – Upbeat Lincoln 

Room 3

11am Steven Blake

12noon Paul Stevenson – Pulse Proactive

1pm Brigitte Rix – Author ‘I talk with spirits’

2pm Angela Barker – Fenix Flames

3pm Woodland Trust 

Room 4


12noon Darren Stanton – TV Psychologist

1pm Jane Osborne – Past Life Regression

2pm Di Wall – The Egyptian Connection

3pm Claire Hegarty 

Live Streaming Presentations: TBA

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