Well, The Community and Exhibitors can safely agree the Newark Well Being Market which opens its doors on 10 + 11 of July will be a full house. Not only this the Visitor interest is growing. How do I know? Because of the email traffic being received every day.

Staffordshire and Lincolnshire show ground events later in the year year are very healthy indeed and it seems like we’ll have much to celebrate over the next six months. Interest is better than previously known.  The Community is really establishing itself as a significant Well Being attraction to many hundreds of Visitors and I would not be surprised if we enjoy 1000+ attendances late rain the year.

I’m keeping this article short! Because the next piece of information is significant.

Here is the 2022 Well Being and Pure Spirit Event List:

LizianEvents Well Being Markets

Lincolnshire Showground:
4 + 5 June
5 + 6 November

Newark Showground:
12 + 13 February
9 + 10 July
3 + 4 September

Stafford Showground:
16 + 17 April
13 + 14 August

Pure Spirit Events

Newark Showground:
23 + 24 April
19 + 20 November

So there we have the dates for 2022, and you can be certain of superb events with many added attractions. The Well Being Brand has made its mark this year, and nothing can take away the immense progress in awareness and Well Being Brand loyalty. 

You will find a greater and more expansive talk and entertainment schedule for 2022. No secrets being revealed here: but watch out for immense changes which will attract more Visitors from a greater spectrum of interest.

This is a short ‘Sunday Thoughts”. Readers can be sure of an extensive article next week. After all, we are just two weeks away from the Newark Well Being Market 10 + 11 July. Be sure we’ll push the promotions in every way possible: Email: and social media streams will be used extensively for the next 14 days. Two LizianEvents Facebook lives a week will be part of the promotion: the methods are working well, and there seems no reason to change the system as it stands. If there is a need to reflect on the coverage, study the Facebook analytical graphs below. Highly impressive: thank you all for your growing support, sharing and support.

LizianEvents Page Stats: LizianEvents Ltd

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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