LizianEvents News is all about information! And the 2022 events calendar is an important document. The Community is growing and the reputation of every event is leading the way to a greater awareness of our work. The Community should be immensely proud of their achievements; Expanding coverage of their work: Increasing Visitor numbers: Worldwide interest in The Well Being through this daily publication: Growing views of streams and Facebook Lives and podcasts: And all is centred on Visitors coming to the Well Being Events.

We always deliver our plans: And in 2022 Visitors can be assured of better events with more choice and scope. Interaction is how we have evolved and listening to Visitors and Community is how we’ll take the Well Being Brand to a higher and more visible level. Just keep coming back to LizianEvents every day. You’ll find information about every aspect of The Community’s work.

The remainder of 2021 is looking great: bookings are more than we could have hoped for: It is certain every Well Being Event will be fully subscribed and no doubt the Visitor numbers will climb as the doors to the country reopen. Your support is amazing and provides the drive to make the events better every time.

The Community and organisers thank you for your support and faith in the future of The Well Being Brand

The 2022 Well Being and Pure Spirit Event List:

LizianEvents Well Being Events

Lincolnshire Showground:
4 & 5 June
5 & 6 November

Newark Showground:
12 & 13 February
9 & 10 July
3 & 4 September

Stafford Showground:
16 & 17 April
13 & 14 August

Pure Spirit Events

Newark Showground:
23 & 24 April
19 & 20 November

Three Fantastic and Purpose Built Venues: Free on site parking: Full facilities: Next to major road networks. Easy to find, driving around towns: the parking away from the venue. Full and varied menus. Extensive talk and presentation schedules.

For information about booking or becoming a Community Member: Use the email link below:

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