Just a few moments to write about Saturday’s Newark Well Being Market.

The day met expectations. Visitors arrived throughout the day to enjoy the event. There was good interest and enjoyment of Saturday’s Well Being Experience. I think is fair to comment we will have to wait until the end of day today (Sunday) before we can assess the Well Being Market.

None of us could see how well the Well Being Market would turn out, but we should have had no doubts: The new mix of Community-Exhibitors and Regular attendees really hit the mark. And the appeal met will resounding appreciation from Visitors. Incidentally, the reach of the promotions must be accepted as gaining ground. We have to see this as an amazing acknowledgement of how The Well Being Brand is becoming nationally recognised. Something which must bode well for the future of the Well Being Brand.

We are all set to increase the attendance of the events by both Community and Visitors. With the three fantastic venues book for this year and beyond, we can expand to 110+ Community attendance, and everyone will know where this will take us: Greater attendance and more awareness. Everyone involved in The Newark Well Being Market has made a fantastic effort, and n doubt, we will enjoy a superb day of Well Being ideas and thoughts today. The efforts of the last 18 months are really paying dividends.

The streamed presentations have already attained impressive numbers and this is encouraging for the future. As we can evidence the high standard of Community and their Well Being thoughts and anecdotes. There is so much to celebrate: so many opportunities ahead for The Community and The Well Being Brand.

Well Done Everyone!

Newark Well Being Market
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Show Ground
10 + 11 July

See You Later!

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