A review of Saturday and Sunday’s Newark Well Being Market.

The weekend met expectations. Visitors arrived throughout the weekend to enjoy the event. And as all involved will confirm there was strong interest and enjoyment of The Well Being Experience.

None of us could see how well the Well Being Market would turn out, but we should have had no doubts: The new mix of Community-Exhibitors and Regular attendees hit the mark. And the appeal met will resounding appreciation from Visitors. Incidentally, the reach of the promotions must be accepted as gaining ground. We have met people from all over the country—visitors arriving from Liverpool and Wales and The Home Counties. We have to see this as an amazing acknowledgement of how The Well Being Brand is becoming nationally recognised. Something which must bode well for the future of the Well Being Brand.

We are all set to increase the attendance of the events by both Community and Visitors. With the three fantastic venues book for this year and beyond, we have the space to expand into 110+ Community attendance, and everyone will know where this will take us: Greater attendance and more awareness. Everyone involved in The Newark Well Being Market has made a fantastic effort, and n doubt, we will enjoy a superb day of Well Being ideas and thoughts today. The efforts of the last 18 months are really paying dividends.

The streamed presentations have already attained impressive numbers. This is encouraging for the future as we can evidence the high standard of Community and their Well Being thoughts and anecdotes. There is so much to celebrate: so many opportunities ahead for The Community and The Well Being Brand.

Numbers are simple – Saturday 262 and Sunday 209 = 471 in total: Visitors attended the event: We have to accept the figures are lower than expected: In reality the football and tennis have taken their toll. And you KNOW we will keep up with our relentless promotion and awareness of the Community’s Well Being Brand – Therefore there can only be one outcome! More attendees and more Visitors. Just wait until we step up the facilities and attractions for the remaining events of 2021 and push the 2022 events to greater heights. Magic is happening no doubt.

Here is the role of honour: Every one of you must be congratulated for your amazing effort and contributions. The Visitor feedback is brilliant (five stars all the way) – Well Done Everyone!

Role of Honour

Anahata Centre Lincoln –  NLP and Reflexology training
Avaja Himalayan Singing Bowls
Barrie John – Medium
Brigitte Rix Author – 7 channelled books about the afterlife
Buckso Dillon – inspirational mentor and coach (SAT)
ByHook – crotchet mystical creatures, dreamcatchers & chakra hangings
Ciara Waters Psychic Medium
Congeries of Sound – sound therapy
Counselling with Cartouche – readings with Di Wall
Crystal Carols (The Crystal Workshop) – crystals, carvings and specimens
Crystal Cave – crystals and gifts
Dance of Life Tai Ji – demonstrations of Tai Ji (SAT)
Darren Stanton TV Psychologist
DevelopLink Reiki – reiki treatments
doTERRA – essential oils for you, your family and home
Earth Tree Healing Music – meditation music CDs
Elemental Balance – bio-resonance therapy
Elisa M Gray Shamanic Healing (SAT)
Ethically Gifted – fair trade and eco-friendly gifts for all
Feet First Reflexology
Fenix Flames – candles, herbal incense and books
Gilliano Jewellery – handcrafted gem jewellery
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing and Crystal Comforters
Gong Bath & Sound Therapy
Hands R4 Healing – orgone pyramids, tumbles, chakra balancing healing
Hanos – Author & Aphorisms
Hedera Herbal Medicine & Holistic Therapies – information about herbalism
The Hempman – CBD products
Innerlight Academy of Clinical Hypnosis – in person and online hypnosis training
Iza Moon – songstress and poet, own music CDs
Kirstie Star Child – retail gifts and animal communication
Kryskull Therapy – crystal skull therapy
Jane Osborne author, PLR – Past Life Regression & workshops
James Jewel Oracle
Leone & Garry Edwards – joint readings
Lite and Soul Candles
Lmore Jewellery – Pau Shell jewellery & accessories
Mel-Jay – Sterling Silver and gold jewellery range with gems & crystal specimens
Miss Macramea – macrame jewellery and accessories
Mystic Christine – medium and tarot readings
Mystical Messengers – orgone creations
Native American Traditions – Native American incense, sage, and items
Natures Workshop – art inspired by nature
Nottingham Mind Therapies
Nottingham Reiki – crystal reiki, ear candling, reiki
Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
OilFACTION aromatherapy – for you & your home
Old Pain 2 Go
Oraphim Shungite – shungite products
Pulse Proactive – life coach and mentor
Pyramid Lady – copper pyramids and meditation tools
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sanctuary Reflexology – reflexology & seated acupressure massage
Sarah May – reader
Second Chance – Campbell Wallace – author with an inspiring life story
Secrets of Awen – numerology readings (SUN)
Shirley Ann – Psychic medium
Solrox Ocean Spa Therapy products – Himalayan Salt products and lamps
Spookylicious Wax Melts – fragrant wax melts and candles
Stephen Johnson Healer
Travellers Rest – eclectic assortment of gifts
Upbeat – mental health support group
The Urban Monk – chat to Gary, hear his fascinating life-changing journey across USA
Victor John Spiritual Counsellor
Visionary NLP – how NLP therapy can help you
Wandering Cosmos – shamanic tools and cleansing tools
The Woodland Trust
Zsuzsanna Horscog – medium and healer

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