LizianEvents Facebook Live’s are very much part of our promotional activity. Not only do the live’s keep the Well Being Events at the forefront of Visitors minds and attract many new Visitors to the Well Being Events: the most important gain is meeting the members of the Community.

We know for sure that Visitors come to The Well Being Events after watching one of the growing numbers of recordings. What better way could there be to meet a Community Member before a Well Being Event? It is doubtful that a combination of Community Member Profile and an appearance of a LizianEvents Facebook Live could make a better impression than actually meeting the exhibitor.

Today we meet Iza Moon: Already well known to hundreds of people around the country as a person of spiritual beauty and kindness, the recording reenforces Iza’s already sparkling personality. Viewers are guaranteed an hour of insight, laughter and wickedly funny anecdotes. Music: Laughter: Spiritual ideas: what more can be desired?

Iza Moon

The future of The Well Being Brand is looking great for the future. The Community can really see the results of their efforts and connectivity. Helping to promote Community Members is the most important aspect of our origination. We do not hop from show to show. There is a continuous stream of information, thoughts and information made on daily basis. And the Community can use all of the assets to increase their awareness to many thousands of people.

Becoming a guest on LizianEvents Facebook live is an easy process! Open an email, click a link and we are ready to stream to the whole world. And this is the objective! Connect to the world and build our Well Being Brand to benefit everyone who takes part. Magic is happening. And the determination to make better and more professional streams is part of the equation.

See You Very Soon – Either at A Well Being Event or during a Live Stream 🙂


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