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Sometime during Liz’s Thursday evening LizianShop Live, Liz presents information videos. Last week’s (15:07:21) focus of attention was The Chakra System. And Liz previewed three short Chakra Videos:

Here are the three downloadable videos. Of course, you can watch it on this page. If you wish to download the recording, click on the dart at the top right of the video box and follow the instructions. If you reuse the video, it must not be edited, and please give LizianEvents credit to your web page.

Introduction to the Chakra System

LizianShop Live

LizianShop Live is recorded on LizianShop Facebook Page on Thursday evenings from 7:00. The show is focused on crystals and crystal talk. The show is becoming very popular with regular watchers.

Ask Questions

Liz encourages viewers to ask questions and offer their opinions and about crystals and how they use them: Liz says ‘Nothing is set in stone and we can learn from each other – I believe that the use of crystals should be flexible and enjoyable. Once we follow fixed ideas the use of crystals becomes limited. A happy and well person has a flexible and open mind. All the viewers of LizianShop Live have this open-minded attitude. And this is why the format is well-liked and receives great loyalty’.

Join In

So if you are new to crystals or have a lifelong love of the crystal world come along and enjoy an hour of crystal conversation. And do not be afraid to join in the show. Your thoughts and ideas can have an amazing influence and help others to enjoy their crystal journey.

Become a Guest

Why not consider becoming a guest on LizianShop Facebook live? Maybe you feel there is a story to tell. perhaps you’d like to select upon how crystals have helped you in certain aspects of your life. Or you would like to meet other crystal lovers. The love of crystals is growing and tens of thousands of people collect and work with crystals. Share your ideas, help them to get the very best from their collection.

Use the email link to join in with the fun or ask Liz a question about crystals:

Link To LizianEvents Facebook Page

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