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Never has there been a more compelling reason to join the LizianEvents Facebook Group. We enjoy a healthy and vibrant group which will really help members prosper. And already we see questions about Well Being being asked and answered. This is the real purpose of a group: it is all about sharing and information! As it grows so will the members who actively use the facility.

FaceBook Group: LizianEvents Ltd

Already A Member?

Already a member? Then why not increase the coverage of the Group? It is easy as asking Well Being friends and family to join. Just go to the Group page and click the invite link. Not only does this help fellow members to promote and succeed: It also introduces more people to the Well Being Brand idea.

Share Well Being Thoughts!

Members do not have to only promote their work and products. In fact, this is a small part of the purpose of LizianEvents Facebook Group. There is plenty of information about the Well Being Events. And we encourage members to make comments about their experiences when visiting a Well being Event.

FaceBook Group: LizianEvents Ltd


If you are in the wellbeing industry then join and use the Group to your advantage. Share your thoughts and ideas or promote your business. So long as there are no political viewpoints or any posts making extraordinary claims you’ll be good to go!

So Join The Group

One last comment: Do not feel you have be UK based to join the group. No matter where you are based and you have a Well Being based idea or point of view. Become part of the growing and Well Being focussed community. Click link below and join today.

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