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We are surrounded by beauty. Even in the city the wonder of nature and the creation of humankind can be discovered. And finding the wonder is an easy task. One has to make a little investment. A few pounds on a guidebook and the work of an expert is available to you.

Everything has a price. Good information is worth paying for and before the knowledge is purchased, some research is needed. With a book, one is either recommended, we go to a bookshop, or search the internet to discover the best choice.

When exploring the city for its treasures a book is preferable. One walks to a particular place of interest, reviews the sight and looks to the guide for the next point. We hold the knowledge and wisdom of the writer in our hands. And while reading the book there is an essence of the author within every paragraph. And if she has done her work well, the city is enjoyed. She accompanies the explorer, they become friends.

Know Our Guides

When first reading Virginia Woolf’s writing it is difficult to understand. If her biography is read prior to picking up one of her books. You will understand them without issue. When one connects to the writer, then the story or lessons become more easily learned. And if one does not resonate with the writer, no matter how good the message, the text will fail to impress.

The idea is to consider that more is learned from people we resonate with, and no matter how great the knowledge of someone disliked their thoughts will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. And because of this great lessons can be lost.

The Shoe Shop

Above is a picture of a shoe shop. It doesn’t appear very interesting. It serves its purpose. However, it is historically significant, and it also demonstrates people can begin from humble beginnings and rise to great heights. William Morris repaired bicycles here, it was his first business. Later he became Lord Nuffield. During his lifetime he gave away the equivalent of billions. Money earned from his motor car business Morris Cars. Because my guide wrote her book so well I read with care and learn a life lesson as well as some significant history.

Information on the Door

I warm to my guide. I will probably seek out more of her work. Not only has she guided me to small and significant points of interest. Her writing style is clear and simple to understand. She takes me to a rose garden.

Sometimes we need help when exploring life. Often it takes too long to learn the ‘hows and whys’ alone. Meeting with an excellent guide will help us to navigate to the areas worthy of exploration. The spiritual journey has no end. There are only guides who act like stepping stones. Some will take the seeker to higher levels and another will trip the hapless fool.

So before beginning a journey. It seems best to work out who will be your guide. Because, like all humankind suspects, our statesman guides seem to have become corrupt, selfish, closed-minded. Never before are we more guided to fortify our resolve. Strengthen our inner being. Face the harshness of injustice and selfishness of humankind’s leaders. The witch hunts which now abound in society undermine the fabric of security.

It becomes more important to accept our inner being is the best guide possible. Take time to trust one’s intuition. Close one’s ears to anything which does not resonate. Become strong and carefully assess the daily journeys. If the answer to a question is ‘No’ then have the strength to use the word. Being influenced by hope and possibility means entering a dangerous game.

Many now believe in focussing on the short-term. Commitment is acceptable if trust is the bond. Never before have we seen a realisation that our acts will judge us. Whoever we work with must be like-minded and realistic. And what information is given must be accurate.

The original statement was ‘we are surrounded by beauty and this is true. But to find certain wonders sometimes there is a need to find a good guide. So, choose your guides with care. Take one step at a time. Do not take chances.

At this time, there is no reason to doubt there is light and security in the future. However, there is nothing wrong with being cautious. So be guided by those with an excellent record of fulfilling promises and evidencing their ability.

See You Soon

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