Freedom of Mind

At this moment, many people believe they are lost. And the search for alternative ways to inner security seems to be a solution. Social media and video platforms are full of suggestions to find inner peace. But the short-term ideas do not support long term fixes.

Joe Purple suggests spiritual ideas alone cannot support every aspect of life. Pray for a lifetime for money and still live within poverty. Pray for physical and mental health, and the diagnosis is still bleak. Pray for a sign, and not a one is seen. So what can be done to find peace of mind?

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Perspective of Freedom

Freedom is Holistic

Material Freedom

We know from the initial euphoric feeling of happiness when coming into possession of a desire to the desire for something new is no longer than five weeks. Joe Purple says: ‘After five weeks, a material object loses its initial appeal’. One could almost comment ‘the desire is more potent than the ownership’. Because one will negotiate any obstacle to attain the goal. Indeed, many believe the journey is always more important than the destination.


Joe Purple suggests intellectual security is simply ‘right-thinking’, nothing more or less. How often have we known someone with a clear, sharp mind: and discover later: a mind of twisted distortion and lies? Correct thinking is open and revealed without fear of consequence. Taking the right action can cause upset. Because a situation has caused discord does not mean it is a wrong and just choice. How often does the right way cause deep emotional resentment in life’s journey? The answer is known to all humankind.

We can only be right or wrong from our perception. Our right is often in opposition to others views of certain aspects of life. Intellectual freedom cannot be discovered in the use of ‘facts’ to support an idea if there are other ‘facts’ in opposition to the picture. Scientists say, ‘I am a scientist, and this is what science has proven. And yet: when we look closely, we discover opposing experimental outcomes. There are thousands of highly qualified people who believe the qualification ‘proves’ their capacity to reason. Although, the lives are chaos. There are millions without a single qualification who live within success and happiness.


Emotional balance is similar. How many times have we perceived a person’s kindness and later realised the reality of the personality? How someone looks or speaks is no reference point to the actual being. And the net of emotion rebels against the fact: eventually trapping the mind into only seeing the wrong in people. Joe Purple remembers listening to a woman saying ‘Trust no-one’ – ‘Not even you?’ Joe’s replied. Because indeed, the reality of her advice was ‘Do not trust me’. Listen carefully to people’s declarations.

The need to trust is part of inner freedom. But who does one trust? The answer is ‘one’s-self. When we trust ourselves to accept mistakes and misjudgments, life is easy. We become free to say, ‘I am part of this situation – and this is fine – because I’m learning. The lesson is not knowing about life – it is learning how to react and cope with the situations which work in opposition to our true self.

Joe Purple suggests: ‘When we accept people for who they are and how they navigate life, then we can concentrate on our self. Throughout life, there will be situations that cannot be resolved. And one will never change the mind or opinion of those with opposing views. When one fights the impossible, the impossible controls the possible’ again.


No one is a spiritual person. The human is a physical being. The spiritual aspect of one’s life is acknowledged in acts and thoughts. When someone says, ‘Look at Joe Purple: he’s the most spiritual person I know. What do they mean? Is Joe Purple without a body? Is the force energy that does not need air, water or earth’s gifts? And if we think about the three elements mentioned. Air is the intellect. Water is emotional. Earth is food and possession. Joe Purple needs Earth, Air, Water to manifest the Fire of creativity.

Indeed creativity is the essence of modern (and perhaps all) spirituality? All is force and energy, and action, and realisation. We think, feel, and construct a desire into reality. And no one else can make something happen for you. Yes! People can inherit or win a million. Some will squander the good fortune: others will make it grow: and the majority do nothing! Placing the wealth into a savings account, security to their future. But no matter how much they have, they’ll always worry. And if one worries about future security, then how can life be thoroughly enjoyed? 

Joe Purple knows: love and kindness, and reality are the seeds of absolute security. Joe knows, without possession, there will be no fear of loss. Joe suspects real love is hard to manifest. It is not a forgiving power. It is not unconditional. Love is total acceptance of humankind failure and faults.

Joe suspects the few who understand the potential of holistic freedom are rarely known. While getting on with life’s injustice and toils, they have no time for gripes and disagreement. The essence of creativity flows through every daily act and thought. And Joe Purple knows understanding the relationship between creativity and destruction is key to Freedom of Mind. To create, one often has to break down or destroy the old. A broken situation makes way for new. No point in building using worn components. And new and valuable constructions are created from the aspects which work: not lessons of failure.

Joe Purple attempts to see the right light often and enter the darkness of learning without fear. Joe knows ‘Freedom is discovered in mind, and Freedom is love.’ it is only through the experience of fear that one becomes strong enough to choose to become free.

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