Newark Well Being Marketplace
4 + 5 September
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Showground 
NG24 2NY

70 Community Members

24 Live talks and Presentations
8 Streamed Presentations

The Venue

Lady Eastwood Centre: LizianEvents Ltd

The Lady Eastwood Centre is one of the many events venues on the Newark Show Ground’s 300+ acres. The venue is modern and built for its purpose.

Consider the fact that getting to the Newark Showground is very easy indeed. Follow the A46 toward Lincoln, and you’ll come to the Newark Showground Sign. Of course, your Sat Nav will get you to the Showground without issue.

We recently drove up from London after a business meeting. Liz and I decided to run up to Newark on the A1 to see how long the journey would take. From Hendon to Newark Show Ground took 2 hours and ten minutes! Visitors can travel from Birmingham to the Show Ground in less than 90 minutes, and Manchester takes only two hours. This is a very accessible venue. And remember there is no hassle with parking in a town and then walking to the venue: Plus, there is the advantage of NO parking fees. Especially when considering one-day parking is over ten pounds in most towns and cities this has a distinct advantage.

Incidentally, we are extending the reach of our promotions at present. And road access and free parking is very much part of the promotional activity.

The Venue’s Assets

Food: There is a superb cafe facility at the event. We have enjoyed great feedback from those who use this facility without issue, with good reviews for the quality and diversity of menus. It is impossible to cover every dietary need: so email if you have questions about specific needs. The dining area can be used by those who choose to bring their own food.

Stalls: The agreed capacity for this venue space-wise will be followed. The stall layout complies with the safety guideline agreement. But remember: the stall allocation is well below the capacity of The Lady Eastwood Venue, so the is ample available space between stands.

Format: There is more than ample signage for everyone to understand the Newark Well Being Market format. The interest is incredible: And so it should be! The Community Member-Exhibitors provides the Visitors with a vast range of exciting ideas, products, holistic and alternative therapies. And every one of the Community totally understands the guidelines to make the NWBM a secure and brilliant event.

Why Visit A Well Being Event?

The purpose of visiting a Well Being Event organised by LizianEvents is to discover ways of becoming a Well Being. The Attending Community covers every aspect of wellbeing. Visitors will be amazed at the depth and breadth of the Community’s knowledge, and you’ll find a welcome and smile in every interaction. This is why the reputation for wellbeing happiness is well-founded. You will get a real feel for the event as you read through this introduction to The Newark Well Being Market.

The Community Grows

None can dispute 2021 has been an uncertain year. However, LizianEvents Brand Events has already provided three superb Well Being Markets attended by many hundreds of Community and Visitors. No other events business in any genre made this amazing achievement. We covered every guideline, and the safety measures fulfilled all expectations.

Attaining these goals have set us in high acclaim with Community Members and Visitors. And the experience of the Well Being Markets means all involved can see the possibilities for the future. The result is ‘The Community Grows’.

So expect More A More Varied Community

As the Community Grows, Visitors can expect to see and interact with a greater diversity of stalls. Clearly, with greater depth and breadth of retail, therapy, counselling, information, and entertainment, there becomes more reason to visit a Well Being Brand event. This event will have a minimum of eighty attending Community Members. Enough for a whole weekend of Well Being enjoyment.

Other Activites

Stage Area

During The Newark, Well Being Market, Visitors can enjoy a series of live stage performances. Dance: Song: Story-Telling: Music: Tai Chi: Mediation: Will be part of the daily schedule. Visitors can enjoy break watching performers who have Well Being centred ideas and ethos.

Children’s Activity Area

This weekend’s Well Being Market will see the return of the popular Children’s Activity Area. Kids will be asked to draw pictures of ‘Wellbeing’, and their pictures will be used on LizianEvents promotions. And Yes! There are prizes for those whose pictures are selected. Community begins at every stage of life.

Outdoor Ceremony

Weather permitting, Visitors can enjoy outdoor meditations and rituals. Alan Wood’s smudging ceremony has attained an incredible following. People travel long distances to participate in the ceremony, as do those interested in Tai Chi and Group Reiki healing sessions.

The Vibes

Visitors can really feel the ‘vibes’ – One of the most often spoken comments is ‘The Atmosphere is Fantastic’ – This surely is why so many Visitors return time and again to Well Being Brand events. One should have no surprise Visitors and Community members become life-long friends – taking their friendships beyond the weekend events.

The Community are an amazing and diverse group of people who come together to help Visitors find ways to become Well Beings. Whether a visitor enjoys a sound bath – reflexology – retail – spiritual counselling – or learning about nature – there is something for everyone.

Every who takes part in a Well Being market is dedicated to their work. And they work together to make every day a memorable experience. Here Alan Wood (Native American Traditions) and Iza Moon (Singer-Songwriter and Writer) give a pre-show indication of the friendship which flows through the Well Being Community.

LizianEvents Ltd

Visitor ~ Community Friendship

This show’s reputation cannot be disputed, and it is a gathering of friends. Yes, people meet here and become longstanding friends. This is something unique to The Well Being Shows. Visitors are attending not only to enjoy the Community’s contributions, but they are also returning to meet their fellow companions.

It is essential to provide a varied talk schedule. During the Well Being Market, many Community Members will be allowed to talk about their work and future. They will offer ideas of how to navigate the difficult days ahead, stay strong, and discover ways to stay a Well Being.

The earlier Newark Well Being Show were firm favourites with Community Exhibitors and Visitors. The events were always fully subscribed with different genres of Health professionals, spiritual counsellors, therapists and retailers. The event is growing in stature and reputation. Both Community Members and Organisers never lose sight of the certainty Visitors are our priority. When you visit our Well Being Events, you can be sure of a warm welcome and a great day out.

Talks are focussed on the Community Members ideas of representing their ethos: business and service plans for the future. Many will be talking about how to navigate the difficult times ahead.

Attending Community List

Campbell Wallace ‘Second Chance’
Crystal Carols
Crystal Vibrations
Delta Direct Chair Massagers
doTERRA essential oils
Earth Tree Healing Music
Ethically Gifted
Fenix Flames
Gillibobs Comforters with Crystals
Hands R4 Healing
HomeMade Sweetness (Sunday)
Iza Moon
Kirstie Star Child
Lmore Jewellery
Mystical Messengers
Native American Traditions
Natural Self
Natures Workshop
OilFACTION aromatherapy
Oraphim Shungite
Pyramid Lady
Seraphina Jewellery
Soul Sisters
Spirit Of Selene
Spookylicious Wax Melts

Readers / Spiritual Counsellors:
Barrie John
Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall
Heather Wood – Guide, Medium, Therapist
Joylina Living with Soul
Leone & Garry Edwards
Mystic Christine
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sarah May
Shirley Ann
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
Summer Rose Tarot
Victor John Spiritual Counsellor
Zsuzsanna Horscog

Anahata Centre Lincoln
Congeries of Sound
Developlink Reiki
Elemental Balance
Elisa M Gray Shamanic Healing
Feet First Reflexology
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing & Reiki
Gong Bath & Sound Therapy
Hands R4 Healing Chakra Balancing
Kryskull Therapy
Nottingham Reiki and Therapies
Sanctuary Reflexology

Dance of Life Tai Ji
Darren Stanton
Hedera Herbal Medicine & Holistic Therapies
Innerlight Hypnosis – Training and Workshops
Old Pain 2 Go
Tranquil Awakenings
The Woodland Trust
The Urban Monk

Use the search tab below to find out more about Community Members:

Presentation and Talk Schedules

There will be 24 talks and presentations held during this event. All presentations in Room One will be live-streamed. Live streaming has become a major promotional aspect of The Well Being Brand. Visitors return time and again to the repeats of Live Streams. Use the link at the top of the page to view the many recorded presentations.

Live streaming guests attain thousands of after-event visitors. And the recordings provide a real insight into the presenters’ thoughts and work.

Live Streaming is a major aspect of Well Being Events promotional activity. We are pleased to have world-class presenters. Here, the television actress and actor’s wellbeing mentor Buckso Dhillon gives an inspirational talk about her life journey and work with fellow actors.

Buckso Dhillon:  LizianEvents Ltd: Live Streaming

Newark Well Being Market – Talks and Presentations – Saturday 4 September 

Room 1:

11:00 Philip Underwood – The Anahata Centre Lincoln 
Eliminating Negative Habits and Emotions – Bring your worries with you, and you may well leave without them!

12:00 Kirstie Star Child 
How the Goddesses changed my Life:

13:00 Alan Wood – Native American Traditions
Alan talks about the Native American Tribes and the relevance of their ideas in today’s society.  Followed by Sage Ceremony outside (weather permitting)

14:00 Angela Barker – Fenix Flames
The Wheel of the Year – Angela takes you through the Pagan festivals, the 8 Sabbats, which celebrate nature’s cycles

15:00 Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings
The Dark Night of the Soul What is the dark night of the soul? How can the dark night of the soul be identified? And how can it assist with healing the self and spiritual transformation?

16:00 Iza Moon
A journey of healing and awakening with Iza Moon. At 18 years old, I was diagnosed with premature menopause. This is an extremely rare occurrence at such a young age. 24 years later, Iza feels guided to start speaking out about the trials and tribulations of her journey in the hope that it will inspire others.

Room 2:

11:00 Darren Stanton TV Psychologist
The UK’s favourite TV Psychologist, regularly appearing on Russia Today, morning TV – always has plenty to say about body language and how to recognise deception.

12:00 Robert Glenton – Upbeat Lincoln
Sharing the practices which help me cope with being a man with complex mental health needs 

13:00 Steven Blake – Old Pain 2 Go
Chronic Pain – Removal, not Management

14:00 Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk
Gary’s transformational journey along the American West Coast and how it changed the way he lives and views this life

15:00 Elise Gray – Shamanic Healer and Therapies
Sympathetic Magic and the use of Magical Poppets

16:00 Barrie John Medium
Talk & Demonstration: one of the UK’s well known and respected Mediums, Barrie John, talks about his experiences and conducts a very personal and powerful mediumistic demonstration.

Sunday 5 September

Room 1:

11:00 Peter Wall – Innerlight Academy of Clinical Hypnosis
Myths and Misconceptions of Hypnosis & how you can become a hypnosis practitioner

12:00 Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings
Healing through the Root Chakra – In our body, we have many energy centres responsible for different attributes of our well-being. Today’s talk will focus on the root chakra, what it is responsible for, and how it can be boosted and balanced.

13:00 Octavian Vasilescu – The Hempman 
CBD oil and the potential benefits to health and wellbeing – Tavi the Hempman shares his knowledge and answers questions about CBD, the non-psychotic hemp extract that is becoming more popular every day

14:00 Rachel Bavin – Elemental Balance
What is Bio-Resonance, and how Rachel uses it to help clients

15:00 Rick Paul Spiritual Counsellor
Rick talks of his journey, his work and his book

Room 2:

11:00 Alan Wood – Native American Traditions
Alan talks about the Native American Tribes and the relevance of their ideas in today’s society. 
Followed by Sage Ceremony outside (weather permitting)

12:00 Darren Stanton TV Psychologist
The UK’s favourite TV Psychologist, regularly appearing on Russia Today, morning TV – always has plenty to say about body language and how to recognise deception.

13:00 Philip Underwood – Anahata Centre Lincoln
Getting to Grips with Meditation – Join Philip in this session and learn how to access higher states of consciousness to experience peace of mind that transcends all thought and feeling

14:00 Roz Johnson – Hedera Herbal Medicine
What is a medical herbalist? And what do they do? 

15:00 Angela Barker – Fenix Flames
Meet Your Spirit Guide – Angela takes the audience through a guided meditation – as you follow the journey, you can become calm, relaxed and more aware of your spiritual connection.

A visit to Well Being Brand Events organised by LizianEvents is a memorable experience. The Community continue to build a superb Well Being Experience. LizianEvents will continue to reinvest profits back into the Well Being Events to provide both Visitors and Community with a better and continuing evolution of Well Being happiness. Remember: LizianEvents are The Well Being Brand.

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