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For fifteen years Ian Timothy’s talks and presentations were acknowledged as second to none. Even today, visitors to our events continue to talk about the subjects he spoke about: considering his talk schedule is now only by appointment this is fair testimony to the standard of his lectures. In certainty, the recordings of his work are still downloaded daily on Payloadz and CDbaby: many years since they were made.

If the are Community Members who would like to take part in a free four-week online Presentation Workshop then here is the opportunity. The six students will learn how to prepare and present a captivating talk that will stay in the audience’s minds for many years. And the long-term possibilities of this statement hold incredible possibilities for future success.

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Nothing can be worse for the audience than watching a poorly conceived and presented lecture. They will give half-hearted applause and walk out with a mindset opposite to being inspired. Those of you who wish to become recognised as messengers of inspiration should understand this hard fact ‘ There are NO natural public speakers – Every speech of excellence is prepared’.

So, if there is a desire to make a long-lasting and positive impact post-presentation, then begin with this workshop. It will be presented each Monday evening on Messenger from 19:00. The workshop will last for one hour and is without charge. Later there will be an optional opportunity to attend a weekend paid course where the attendees will hone their skills to a professional level.

Fully Booked – Many Thanks

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  1. This is a very good idea. Good luck. Hitherto the focus has been on the volume of talks, it is right that the emphasis should now swap to quality. A good talk can be a powerful sales weapon. A bad talk can ruin you.

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