Well Done Community

There is no doubting that The Staffordshire Well Being Show is going to be recognised as an amazing success. It is heartening to see the fantastic enthusiasm for the event, both from Community Members and the incredible numbers of new Visitors.

Feedback today has been excellent. There are areas that need to be addressed for the future, but these are not relevant to The Community, the talks schedules or format. We will review the changes for future events over the coming weeks.

But let’s not take anything away from what has been achieved today. The Community has in one day established not only the possibility of a successful new event: they have confirmed the potential as reality. No one could have anticipated the great number of Visitors to Saturday’s Staffordshire Well Being Show: and if the numbers are reflected today (Sunday) then many, many people will be driving away with very happy memories of the weekend.

So, The Community have scored an incredible hit. They have set the seeds for the future of The Staffordshire Well Being Show. The interest from new Visitors has been astounding. Well Done everyone: You were amazing.

See You All Later


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