Thank You, Community

No doubt the Staffordshire Well Being Show has been a landmark event. We all now see the potential for this show. And we can build a fantastic event that will bring Well Being happiness to the hundreds of people searching for positive ways to enjoy life.

Thanks have to go to all the attending Community Members for their fantastic contribution over the last two days. As one commented, ‘If we had twice the amount of Community here this weekend, there would still have been enough trade for everyone!’

We made the right choice to distribute the 15000 complimentary tickets. It encouraged visitors to the event. Many thanks to Jane Osbourne – Angela Barker, and Jon Sharpe for their none stop promotion in the weekend leading up to the event.

The Staffordshire Well Being Show proves it is worth starting a new event in a new area. And this encourages us to forge ahead with the plans to extend the reach of The Community Driven shows. The formula works, and the community is coming together as a unique and influential group of wellbeing experts.

So, the day has been very long indeed, and there is a need for rest. We can all be sure that the weekend is the beginning of an extraordinary event, which can only grow and become a regionally recognised Well Being Show.

Well Done Attending Community Members – You have demonstrated that when 50 people work in unison, the outcome has one word – Success. The Community were truly brilliant this weekend you have set the seeds for what will become a regionally recognised event. Nothing can touch what you have achieved.

See You Soon

The Roll of Honour

Avaja Himalayan Singing Bowls

Art by Rose (Saturday)

Brigitte Rix Author

Campbell Wallace’ Second Chance’

Crystal Carols

Crystal Dragon Energies

Crystal Vibrations

Earth Tree Healing Music

Ethically Gifted

Emperor Training Solutions Ltd

Fenix Flames

The Hemp Man


Magickal Echoes Holistic Services

Native American Traditions

Natural Self

OilFACTION aromatherapy

Oraphim Shungite

Pyramid Lady

SolRox Ocean Spa Therapies

Yogi Candle Studio

Readers / Spiritual Counsellors:

Ash Sawyer

Audrey Badham Crystal Dragon Energies

Barrie John Medium

Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall

Rick Paul Spiritual Medium

Sarah May

Shirley Ann

Summer Rose Tarot 

Victor John Spiritual Counsellor

Zsuzsanna Horscog 


Buckso Dhillon – Quantum Healing 

Congeries of Sound

Elemental Balance

Feet First Reflexology

Gong Bath & Sound Therapy 

Jane Osborne Past Life Regression

Greyskull Therapies

Sanctuary Reflexology

Spiritually Holistic

Dance of Life Tai Ji

Darren Stanton

Innerlight School of Hypnotherapy

Old Pain 2 Go

Pulse Proactive

The Woodland Trust

The Urban Monk 

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  1. We came, we saw, and we conquered…all the lovely Visitors who discovered us and our first event at Stafford Well Being Market .😉 What a buzzing Energy filling that beautiful place! 🎉Thank you so much for all you did Liz Lizian Clark & Ian Timothy ,to make this possible and for your great vision of the amazing potential at STAFFORDSHIRE showground in the years ahead.👏 I was & am delighted to be part of it & be of help to so many new people🤗 💖

  2. Any new event comes with its pitfalls and opportunities. However the most difficult part is ensuring it happens at all. Stafford happened. Well done Lizian

    Live entertainment in a pandemic, and post pandemic, world is an unknown. No-one has the answers All anyone can do is try and see what happens. I thought that the result of numerous collective efforts was very respectable for this weekend.

    However we should not assume that all was well in MBS events generally pre pandemic. Several well documented challenges still exist. Ironically the new post pandemic era responding to the past will shape the future anyway. There is no return to “normal”. This is true of all live event and festivals. Not just MBS

    The NEC October MBS show, the second largest in the country after Olympia, was postponed again. Is the future large events at all? Maybe showground venues are now the best fit? That was one of the stimulating things about Stafford. A new audience for stallholders, and new stallholders for the audience.

    The need to have local stallholders with local followings was pretty apparent. The good news is that I spotted several people who should take stands in the future with significant local followings, building attendances further.

    The catering in the hall , as it turned out was adequate, with a permanent café within walking distance. I think there is still much opportunity on the food side. I attended a recent event where a local fudge manufacturer had a stand. He had sold out by 3pm. At other events food “demos” attracted audiences of up to 50. “Well Being” is synonymous with healthy eating. And on the same weekend locally a cider and sausage festival attracted 15.000 ( I am not equating that with healthy!). I am using it as an example of demand. I do understand the challenges with in house provision. However it is Organisers who need to set the pace, not the facility owners.

    Lizian have done brilliantly to create something out of nothing, Now we have to build on that.

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