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Jane Osbourne : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Jane Osbourne : LizianEvents : Lizian Events

Enjoy an hour of conversation with Jane Osbourne. Ian talks about the Staffordshire Well Being Show and swiftly discusses Jane’s very popular weekend retreats. Viewers will find that the weekend retreats are one of the most popular events on Jane’s calendar. So much so, the first two are already fully booked, and another is planned. Use the link to Jane’s Website to find out more.

Half an hour or so into the interview, Ian and Jane change the subject and become deeply entwined in a conversation about spiritual and vibrational energy. Soon contributors such as Darren Stanton, Jewel Marie, Stewart Kerry and And Andrews add their thoughts to the melting pot of wisdom. A great conversation in spiritual philosophy begins.

It seems the LizianEvents Facebook lives are taking on a unique identity with every week gaining a growing following. If you would like to comment on the broadcast or become a guest, you will discover an email button at the bottom of the page.

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