No need to continue with the comments about the Staffordshire Well Being Show. It was a brilliant event, and the foundations laid by the Community are profound. They will support a series of fantastic Well Being Events.

A few people commented the show could become a ‘Flagship’ event. I do not see this as an accurate statement. The fact is all our events are seen as standalone for their regional area. And I do not think we can ‘take on a venue’ and make it work: if there has never been a similar event in the region, it makes success a problematic task.

The dedication needed to establish an event is beyond what is first imagined. Without the support of people close to the venue, the proposition is not easy to turn from concept to success. Many of us will remember Spalding, Sheffield, Coventry, Colchester, St Ives (Cambridge), Doncaster as just a few of the events which sank like lead in an ocean.

Almost every day, I’m asked about a Nottingham Well Being Show. And my answer is ‘Ian and I do not have the right venue for Nottingham at this time. The Jubilee Conference Centre was fantastic, but now it is a students hall of residence. I mention this because some seem to think the Nottingham Well Being Show has failed. Not true: the venue is not available full stop. And as our friend Miriam will affirm, Nottingham is a tough nut to crack! And I would not consider another Nottingham event if we did not have the hundreds of customers who visit LizianShop each week. I know for sure the LizianShop is central to the success of a good-sized Well Being Brand event in Nottingham.

Another question is: Any one-day shows? No doubting many, many people will disagree, but one-day events are not for us! In fairness, the idea has merit, and we enjoyed success at smaller venues in Nottingham and Market Rasen. But in truth, the effort is not worth the reward: and I’m not writing of financial compensation. The reward comes from the feeling of achievement involved. From my perspective and experience, one-day events are exhausting and provide little sense of accomplishment.

How are Lincolnshire and Pure Spirit bookings?

The answer is: excellent. We have every reason to believe these events will exceed expectations. Community and Visitor interest are outstanding indeed. One should see the Pure Spirit Show as the beginnings of sometimes very special indeed. With the great focus on Barrie John’s specialist areas of mediumship demonstrations and paranormal investigations, the event’s reach is bound to be extensive. And there will be the first time winner of the Derek Acorah Medium of The Year Award. Plus, best attending spiritual healer and spiritual reader. There is plenty to look forward to.

So, we have every reason to look forward to the following two shows: they focus on the remainder of the year. The Community has achieved great respect from the thousands of visitors who have attended our events during these difficult times. Building on success is our mission, and we will all rise to the challenges ahead.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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