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We read so many thoughts about the concept of time. Does it exist or not? Is it conceived by humankind. Or is the idea of time confirmed as essential to the theory of relativity? And therefore, time as a concept exists.

So will say the few remaining spiritual tribes do not need time. They easily judge the passing of a day from an internal clock, so accurate they plant crops by ‘feeling and intuition’. 

The timetable of life is unknown: 

Some argue the idea of the central moment. The idea that everything exists within the second lived within. Those who live this idea are in their proper place. But most of us live within a home or building that was built some time ago. Some live an hour: others a century. We are paid the money earned within the month at the end of the month. The earnings of today are received tomorrow. And the wages received tomorrow will, in time, become the items purchased in the future! All is with a time schedule.

Many claim life is an illusion, then (for them) life is an illusion. And of course, some feel all life is a dream or a thought. However, the reality of the last 18 months has proven that there is a reality. A sure and specific fear of the end of time for many of us. No matter how one reviews spiritual ideas: the truth is now proven that events can overwhelm opinions held long-term. Confusion reigns in many kingdoms. Situations now occurring have unfathomable outcomes. Only time will reveal the folly or success of the choices being made today!

And Yet: You are the only individual experiencing your reality or imagination. Beyond the fives senses of human connection: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, there is no other known communication. Some suggest telepathy exists. Although you have more chance of buying the jackpot ticket than meeting a telepath. (Darren Brown is a mentalist!), you are within your reality, and you either believe all is real or an illusion. If you feel time and life is an illusion, there should be no fear of life, disease or death. Why have concern about something which is not real?


We see the seasons of change in nature and know this indicates the passing of time. Does a tree choose to shed its leaves? Or do the birds decide to fly south? Is there a timer in the tree or bird? Is the shortening of days due to the changing tilt of the earth evidence of the passage of time? Nature follows a simple and regular pattern. Humankind fights the pattern through boredom or the quest for supreme intelligence and ruins the patterns of nature. Destruction follows change and apparent progress.

Could we consider the phases of the Moon as a clock? Navigators of old needed to measure time to navigate the seas and the sun, and the Moon and the stars guided them to position relative to destination or departure. Without time, so-called new worlds would never be found… at that time.

So, where does this short essay take us?

The article asks the reader to put aside the ideas held within the philosophy of time. It is about faith and hope, and wellbeing. And consider the reality of known circumstances and the unknown future. Quite the opposite to common spiritual thinking about the non-existence of time. The essay asks the reader to consider that no matter the intention of today’s actions, there is no certain future. For example, the ravages of a virus were unforeseen 36 months ago, and the end game of this situation is unknown. Who can speculate as to the long-term outcome? No one.

However, the time is right for those who realise the importance of careful self-assessment. Those who know the reality of time and the best use of their time work to the future. The upsurge of interest in gardens and health and fitness is key to many people’s success, and the future is within time. The soil is prepared and sown. Plants or vegetables grow: setting the seeds of the future. Nature shows us the right way: every time. 

Knowing the existence of time and a future means we can have hope or despair. For if there is no time, there is no future and no hope. Some say hope is not enough: the statement could be questioned. What is there without the hope your team will win, the cure will succeed, love will overwhelm all? 

The wise man says:

‘In time, all will be revealed’ An accurate phrase. One does not have to wait for any outcome: one accepts there is a known or unknown result. Without concern for the outcome of situations, one live without worry.

We know nothing of our future. Although, appropriate choices are based on previous knowledge. But even wisdom can fail the sage. And this uncertain future is a reason to live! It is a reason to love one’s whole life, to embellish the endless possibilities ahead in your unknown future. Those who accept the existence and passing of time acknowledge life. For them there is no illusion, only a desire to see happiness and prosperity in the lives of all humankind.

And at this moment in time:

Those of you who are realists are sometimes within suffering, pain and sadness. You see the injustice, cruelty and despair of others. And because the eyes see and the ears hear, your inner-self feels the pain of humankind. This is the way of love. And why millions of people fight for justice and truth. It is not your life which troubles it is the lives of others.

In time: humankind will see the desired reality of peace. And here is the paradox: unless we dream of worldwide security and continue to dream with hope, the reality will take time to come to pass.

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Who Know’s What Awaits?

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  1. LEN is on a roll at the moment. Another very good piece.

    I think that a distinction should be drawn between the philosophical arguments about time, and the practical ones.

    The philosphical debate centres around a book and video called “The Secret”, arguing that time is an illusion and is disputed by many physicists.

    The practical argument for is summarised by the phrase “the arrow of time”, coined in 1927 by Sir Arthur Eddington and popularized in his 1928 book “The Nature of the Physical World.” The arrow of time is the idea that time flows in only one direction, as opposed to dimensions of space that have no preferred orientation. A reversal of the arrow would render the external world nonsensical.

    For me the most persuasive argument for time is decay. Everything decays. It does not do so instantly, it does so over time.

    I have been fortunate in having two very good bosses. One, Paul Bown, eschewed the idea that ”Today is the first day of the rest of your life”, favouring, “Today could be the last day of your life”, get on with it.

    • Many thanks Gary: Thank you for introducing the ‘Arrow of Time’ and you are right everything decays and of the resdue becomes something new: and often wonderous! The Decaying body feeds the tree which is is many ways more magnificent in its purpose! Ian

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