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Celebrity Society

There are Three Celebrity Societies

One: the do good giver and apparent savour of humankind. Greta, Brad, George. Matt and Emily. And if you do not know their surname, you do not know they are champions of ecology and humankind’s future. And good for them, they are the spokespeople for millions of like-minded people.

One could argue the incessant rhetoric numbs the senses to the issues. Indeed, most of us already know the dangers of carbon, sea pollution, chemical additives in food. But do the celebrities really have an effect? And why should Joe Purple and his partner Jo Purple bother to do anything if the stars are talking for them?

During a conversation, a wise woman holds the moment: ‘The protesters are building an invisible barrier. Many folks are sick of violent protests, vandalism, and disruption to their daily routines. I saw women protesting against a murdering rapist. Who used his police authority to lure his victims to their fate. They were beaten by police officers during their compassionate protest. So why are people allowed to sit in the road and ruin thousands of peoples days?’

And she has a point. The disruption steers away from the reason to protest. It is easy to make an enemy. Almost impossible to reverse dislike into friendship. The act of the protestor can work against the purpose of the event. And sadly, the importance of the message is lost.

However, the right to protest is the pointer to social freedom. Without the right to disagree and make one’s point, we become in danger of losing the bedrock of a free society. So, no matter for the protest, or the conflicts which occur due to the demonstration. The bigger picture is we see the process of freedom. Remember, millions of men and women sacrificed their lives to secure contemporary societies right to free speech.

The protesting celebrity: whether loved or not, keep the light of freedom alight.

The Second Celebrity Society

It is one of worship. The million a year footballer, golfer, tennis player, film, tv or musician. They are seen by their fans as the way to freedom. The sports celebrity is a warrior follows by the acolyte who sees the sports victory as their victory. A winner proves hope for all who choose to battle the opposition with the ball, speed or pure physical power. They are today’s gladiators worshipped for their conquests and revered for their wealth.

The second group of celebrities often have children who are bloodline famous. The name is enough to open doors to success. There are no ‘rights of passage’, no hardship, no understanding of what it is like to struggle. The end game is to follow in the parent’s footsteps. And the media follow the pack and play the game. A celebrity circus with too many night club clowns.

A hero dies: The fan cries: there is not a dry eye in the drama. Memories become distorted, illusion compounds illusion. Many feeling more significant bereavement for an unknown personality than a loved companion. Unknown personality? Yes! The actor is the actor, the entertainer is the entertainer. Celebrities home grounds are stages, and film sets the character seen is not the personality real.

The Third Celebrity

See that face in the mirror? The most influential celebrity in the world. It is one of compassion and love. Or doom and gloom. It can smile at adversity and laugh at madness. A face that ages with wisdom and experience. The grey hair does not need to be dyed. The teeth do not have to be straight or bright.

The third celebrity indeed holds the love of a child who becomes a reflection of the learning of parental care. A friend is helped through a nightmare of illness or mental despair. A parent nursed before the final sleep.

Jo Purple works hard without thanks. She is the breadwinner, judge and jury of the family peace. She cries in hiding and hides despair. Knowing her children will struggle to buy a home, and if they do, they will fight every month to pay the mortgage and make ends meet. There is no automatic path to fortune for the children she loves.

Her husband works without complaint. There is no ‘lose, and you still win’ for him. If he doesn’t fulfil the obligation, the bills do not get paid. He is not celebrated if he drinks to excess or takes drugs he loses all. And Yes! He is angry: do these protestors not realise he is intelligent and understands the damage his truck is doing to the ecology? He also knows modern transport infrastructure took decades to evolve, and it will take decades to change. So sitting on a road is an act of selfishness and hampering the progress of daily life. He looks at the other motorists in the queye. Anger and frustration make them ill.

Honouring the politician, and the minority celebrity belittles the real superstars of society. No MBE, OBE, Knighthood or accolade awaits the ‘majority celebrities’. They have worked as hard as any other. There is no new year surprise awaiting them: full stop.

The third celebrity is everywhere, in all avenues of life. There is no chain of office around their neck, no bank account stacked with gold, no stocks and shares. Their children may succeed against all odds. If they are lucky, there will be a mortgage and owned home in the future. Good health may be their golden gift of wealth.

Jo Purple looks around her world. She has no interest in the gods of celebrity. Her world is real-world, not easy and privileged. By good fortune, she sleeps well each night, and her family are secure. Jo speaks each night to the memory of her parents. She thanks them for the memories of past years. Jo Purple is a real celebrity, and in her world, she has much to celebrate.

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