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Gary enjoys a growing following of people who find his work of great relevance to their own life. During his talks and conversations, the audience seems to resonate on a deep and profound level with his original journey. And unlike the majority of speakers, Gary is not talking about a life journey. His transformation: from lost to found: began on a journey along Interstate 40 which runs parallel to the iconic Route 66.

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Route 66

Travel Without Seeing

Gary’s journey began in England with a compelling desire to see friends in America. While in Los Angeles he chose to travel 2500 miles south to see friends in Virginia deciding to drive the long journey in one go! Choosing to stop over at truckstops for rest and food. He says he was ‘time-driven’ and determined to get to Richmond to see his friends in the shortest possible time.

After his time with his friends in Richmond he travelled another 2000 miles to Las Vagas: In the Vagas hotel room: there was a time of reflection. A realisation he’d travelled 4000 plus miles to two main destinations and had experienced nothing of the fantastic attractions of the journey. And he saw this as an exact replication of his life.

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Monumental Moments

Gary considers his epiphany in many ways, one aspect is of identity. He likens the realisation as taking sanctuary. And therefore uses the identity ‘The Urban Monk’. He reflects in solitude and considers life as a series of single moments. And as his frames of life continues he learns from each moment. Of course, there are many who follow the idea of living ‘during the moment’. But Gary has an excellent way of explaining the concept. And during his talks and presentations, the audience becomes captivated with his delivery and story.

Book and Cards

Gary is about to publish his first book: it will be available online and in hard copy at events. He also has published a deck of ‘moment’ titled ‘The Urban Monks Daily Inspirations’ cards. These are designed to inspire and expand one’s thoughts each day.


The Urban Monk intends to make more long and solo journeys. Nowhere is exempt: Europe: Australia: The Far East: and a return to the USA. All will become a catalogue of ideas and reflections. The Urban Monk’s message is: ‘we should closely review all we are within at the present moment’ and ‘if we drive by a lesson: it is gone’.

Meet The Urban Monk

Gary attends all Well Being Shows. His talks and presentations are superb and will leave a lasting impression. No doubt Gary fulfils the objective of all Community Members: which is to help people find ways to become Well Beings.

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