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One of the most often asked questions asked at LizianShop is;

‘Have you anything which can help me sleep?’

Of course, the answer will always contain the words amethyst and lavender. And both can help provided one has a belief in the concept of crystals or an understanding of aromatherapy.

Those with a belief and understanding of crystal therapy know amethyst is the first call when looking for a solution to insomnia. The benefits of lavender as an aid to sleep is recognised the world over. But some people do not like the aroma. There are alternatives to essential oil. However, this is not the reason to write this concise article.

Two of the multitude of reasons for insomnia is worry or depression. And while I’m not offering a solution to these disorders, there is a worthy suggestion consideration and can have the most profound effect.

A girl asks the question: ‘I cannot sleep. What can you suggest?’
In this instance, I reply: ‘What are you worried about?’
‘My exams: I’m becoming depressed working about the outcomes’.
The reply is not expected ‘Have you put in enough time and effort?’
‘So now we have the source of the worry. And if you take steps to address the issue form today, there is every possibility of turning the problem around.’
‘What do you mean?
‘You will have to take responsibility for every aspect of our lives. You are at the beginning of your career. Suppose you cannot take responsibility for the qualifications needed to pursue your future. In that case, the outcome is bound to cause concern. And your inner-being knows this truth. And this is why you worry.’
Sometime later, the girl returns. ‘I passed, not with the best grades but better than expected. I feel I have to have a plan in future’.

Worry results from attempting to change a situation by thoughts, which can only be changed by action. No one is free from worry; however, the successful make their future by taking responsibility for their actions. And although they experience brief moments of difficult choices (anxiety), they have the confidence to forge ahead with faith in intellectual ability.

The thought for today is simple:

Take responsibility for today’s actions.

If you are wrong, accept the fault. If there is an excellent success, acknowledge your part in the achievement. And if something is not working well, become responsive to solutions being suggested.

Enjoy the day and a decent night’s sleep!

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  1. Cycles of emotional trauma are something we have lived with over lifetimes. Over 100 years ago very well known and respected guy in the field of therapists like the likes of Fraud (I won’t bore you), said “if we don’t express our fears in tears they weep into our organs”.
    Ever heard of the saying “you are carrying so much on our shoulders” or the pain is so much you may have back ache and you feel unstable. This is what happens. Our mental health is reflected in the physical pain. These are lessons in our life, they are not supposed to be a life sentence. Time to release that which does not serve.
    This is where the alternative healing therapies come to play. No medication, no side effects, usually talking therapies or reiki healing, they work on the meridians to re-align the body so you can balance. Yes you do this by intention, you chose to change.
    Be it a crystal, a word or a symbol, you decide you have had enough of the cycle.
    Wherever you are in your life, whatever you are doing, be first and foremost kind to yourself. Find the coping skills that work for you and work from there.

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