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Why do we use the two words well and being and not wellbeing?

The first comment is: The Well Being Brand is becoming established as a Community based organisation dedicated to helping people become ‘Well Beings’. Well! And the article could finish in this paragraph.

However: there is more to the Well Being Brand than a group of people who meet for eight weekends each year and work their magic. After all, the reality of all events is meeting places for people who enjoy alternative lifestyles and ideas. And clearly, the events cannot work if they were to open every weekend. Naturally, they survive by the infrequence!

The Well Being Brand is connected by this daily newsletter:

And it is a powerful conduit of information. For example, Philip Burgess’s profile and podcast have benefitted from over 200 interactions since the Yoga Studio announcement. And Kirstie Wood has had one of the most significant reviews at over 3000 over the last three years. We would like to feel the connections help in some way with their promotional activity.

Short articles and essays have significant numbers of reviews. Literally, thousands of people read articles written by Darren Stanton: Heather Wood: Rick Paul and Janine Love. The writings resonate with hundreds of readers. Not everyone can visit a Well Being Brand Show. But there are plenty of benefits from writing the articles. One only has to watch Rick Paul’s popular Facebook live’s to read comments about his book and articles he has written.

Many people feel the Well Being Brand is, itself, holistic. It is unique: Videos, Podcasts, Articles, and of course, the events combine to produce a healthy and exciting brand. Some still only focus on the shows as a measure of success. However, the success is within the thousands of people who visit our media streams each week.

There has to be a breakthrough point for all continuous effort. And we see this as the objective. The breakthrough point is when people see the effect of the holistic nature of The Well Being Brand. A comment from Newark is enlightening ‘I always see change and fresh faces at every show. Nothing stays the same. From beginning to end, Well Being Shows never disappoint’.

Community Members do not have to feel tied to the Well Being Shows. And a number do not like the following of foundational rules. That is the way of society! We can either work within the precepts of the concept or fight against the balance. All know the outcome. When talking to the holistic and alternative Community in Kent last week: we found ourselves saying ~ ‘That is not what we do’ ~ when asked if we were an MBS organiser. And, let’s be fair, many do not see what The Community is building insisting on the comparison. But the fact is: The Well Being Brand is the shows, daily news, podcasts, Facebook lives. And these are consistent conduits. Not a flash in pan experiments. Some weeks ago, I spoke to an individual who said, ‘I envy your dedication: we started to record podcasts and soon ran out of guests. Either too busy or cannot make the time. I suspect we would have been better off not even starting the podcasts’.

And this is what the Well Being Brand is all about. It is a holistic approach to finding ways to become a Well Being. And the most powerful lesson when on this search: is to understand well-being takes years of effort and dedication.

Enjoy Life become a Well Being.

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