Pure Spirit Event: 
Lady Eastwood Centre 
Newark Showground
Saturday 27 + Sunday 28 November
Sat: 10am to 5pm
Sun 10am to 4pm
£5 admission or £8 weekend – tickets available at Eventbrite or pay on the door.

What to expect this coming weekend?

The Pure Spirit Show Is focused on aspects of spiritual awareness. And even though there are many different ideas about the spiritual genre, this show aims to connect everyone who has an affinity to concepts that rise above the material world.

Regardless of how most people now see the spiritual connection, there are still thousands of like-minded people who love to consider metaphysical aspects of existence. Past Life Regression, mediumship, psychic gifts, spiritual healing and alternative therapies have a place in the hearts of open-minded and free-thinking people the world over.

Changing Times?

Over the last year, we have talked to many people who love the esoteric. And the majority agree that while the world has not changed as anticipated. The attitudes of thousands have evolved from greed to happiness mentality. Millions are beginning to realise the implication of a world of greater awareness. Awareness of self-understanding and independence. And spiritual ideas can influence choices that influence every aspect of one’s future.

A New Event

Centred on spiritual ideas, this first Pure Spirit event is a foundation for the Pure Spirit Brand. And we have chosen to limit the number of exhibitors, so all of us can gently steer the show into a unique and intersection position. Many of us are meeting for the first time, and we have much to share. From past experience, we all know the exchange of ideas early in the evolution of any exhibition can be where an incredible forest of oaks become established.

We can be confident the knowledge of the people standing is second to none. From paranormal investigation groups to esoteric retailers, everyone involved can provide Pure Spirit Visitors with an exciting and memorable day or weekend. Visitors will interact with established professionals in every field of spiritual work.

There is a long journey ahead! Hurdles to negotiate, ideas to test, celebrations and a few disappointments. This is the way of spiritual exploration, the way of the few who feel there is something more to life than a mundane to Friday life. Nothing is set in stone. We are all flexible and enjoy challenges. As time passes, we will see the humble beginning turn into a unique series of Pure Spirit Shows. And these events will be one’s of which we all can be very proud indeed.

See You There

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