Set Up A Show!

Set up a show for the final time this year! Sixty exhibitors – Two talk rooms – Greet and Meet areas – Stage Area – Connect the power – Put up the Banners, and we are ready to go!

We have enjoyed a sense of new beginnings and a natural feeling that something special is coming together this weekend. I think we were right to open the Pure Spirit Show at The Lady Eastwood Centre. It is a large venue, and this means space. And space equates to safety and security. Not only this, our sixty exhibitors will see the potential for the future of the event. We can really build the Pure Spirit Brand here.

A different way of promotion

A difficult choice was made not to promote the show in the usual way. The option to focus on the event and its purpose were not taken lightly. Usually, we will introduce attending Community Members to Visitors in the run-up to a Well Being Show. But in this instance, it seemed right to establish a foundational objective. 

We know that there are plenty of options available to take Pure Spirit into a nationally recognised brand. But this coming weekend, the objective is to make friends, listen to visitors, record people’s thoughts, and take their opinions and ideas on board.

The concept of focussing on mediums, psychics and paranormal to this degree is an exciting proposition. And one not taken lightly. However, we spoke to many of our Visitors and friends about the idea, and there was an overwhelming opinion the concept has great merit.

The Lady Eastwood Centre

As already mentioned we made the right choice to utilise this excellent exhibition hall. Unlimited parking, grace and space. Everyone who has visited this venue comments on the unrivalled facilities. The catering is exceptional, and the caterers cover every diet in their menu. Not only this, the eating area is separate from the exhibition hall. This makes for a pleasant and comfortable eating experience that does not infringe on the visitors walking the floor.

The building has a powerful heating system! No one will be cold during the weekend. Many know, the experience of sitting in a cold building the aspect is essential for these early nights.

Close of Day

And on this subject of early nights, we continue with the much-appreciated end of show time of 16:00 hrs. Everyone agrees how much difference the four o’clock finish makes to their journey home and enjoyment of the show. Nothing is worse than having to end at five knowing there is an hour or more before the trip home. That hour early truly makes the difference. In fact, this has been one of the most significant ‘thank-you’ emails of the last year.

Thank You

Pure Spirit has been a fantastic show to put together. Meeting so many new exhibitors, listening to comments and suggestions and above all, the thirty or so nominations for The Derek Acorah Memorial Award. The final selection comes down to several nominations and written testimonials. Considering the number of emails we have read and making the final choices has been a fantastic task. Barrie John is confident the audiences to the Medium Demonstrations are in for a tremendous experience this weekend.


On Saturday morning, we hand over The Pure Spirit Show to Mr Barrie John. Liz and I have enjoyed working and learning with this remarkable friend. His bravery in trusting his name and reputation to our organisation will never be underestimated. Both financially and timewise, Barrie’s commitment is beyond comprehension, but he is driven to see his vision come to fruition. We know there is a long way to go before his concept is fully explored. But, for the time being, we know from past knowledge there is something extraordinary beginning this weekend, and all involved are at the start of a fantastic adventureā€¦

Ian Timothy

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