I was recently asked about wellbeing. The question was a good one ‘Ian, you seem very overweight: how do you resolve that with the image of your Well Being Brand?’

And my friend was correct! There is indeed a conflict and one which needs addressing. So, no excuses or new year resolutions. The date of 14 January is set for me to return to my 5:2 diet. There are no excuses for the massive increase in weight, too much beer, too much food, and too little exercise means I’ve paid the price.

A good friend of mine was trolled by a mean individual who said he was obese and looked pathetic. My friend answered ‘Hey! There is a human being under the fat’. And the troll conceded his original comment was unworthy.

I began to think with care about why some people become overweight. And I’m certain the reason is not wholly physical. I also suspect the way society considers weight is a major contribution to the issue. Almost a wheel of torture. The slim say ‘Being fat is bad’ And overweight feels guilty and turns to food as comfort. Could it be societies critics are the seeds of many issues? From weight to self-abuse, maybe the high-brow knows all contribute to the issue? This is an aspect worthy of consideration.

Being well extends further than self-care. As the years pass, I become more convinced people who are kind and generous not only contribute to their health and happiness; they help others to find well-being as well. and this reciprocal giving is key to social happiness. It seems to me when the critic strikes with sharp and vindictive words: they cause damage beyond measure. Superior words do not improve an individual’s stature, the reverse is true!

My thought for the week is centered on the feelings of others and being mindful of the words spoken. There is a feeling that all of us need to become more forgiving and increase our spectrum of acceptance of people’s viewpoints. Not only this, accepting the way people choose to live life and care for their bodies is a personal choice.

Could it be an opinion, even if it is sound, does not help change the issue? Smokers still smoke, alcoholics continue to drink, addicts self-abuse. Could it be allowing another to follow their negative path helps them to become free? Our society is becoming one of indoctrination, being free, and working to become a Well Being is one of the greatest ways to independence. Making a defined choice to set an example without expressing an opinion seems to be a good idea for meditation.

Next time I see someone less fortunate: My thoughts will be ‘Follow your path my friend ~ You have your right to live as you choose’

See You Soon ~ Have a great week: Ian Timothy

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