Another good week for bookings and all things Well Being and plenty of interest in The Pure Spirit Shows for 2022. The Newcastle Well Being Show has already received bookings: so the prospects for the new year already look great. Do not forget, we do not ask for deposits or upfront payments for any Well Being or Pure Spirit Event. Not only does the idea of prepayments seem unnecessary in the current climate, but we also trust Community Members and Exhibitors to make exemplary the commitment. The faith and trust we have in the people we work with is a source of great pleasure to Ian and me.

It is good news about the HeArt In Mind Event. How wonderful for people to be allowed to stand for next to nothing and exhibit their work. If they are selling art, the nominal fee is a fair concession. Although the Used Retro and Vintage Shop in the Victoria Market should finance the event. 

The idea is to buy and sell items, and a percentage of the profit will go to funding HeArt In Mind. And we also ask for the donation of goods to help with the project. Already, we have received some gifts. The efforts were from Community Member Claudine West, who has donated a complete set of her Cd’s and some beautiful pictures. We have a good feeling about this event. I would love to run an event that allows artists to stand without charge. Entry is, of course, free, but there will be a donation box, and all money collected will go toward the following HeArt In Mind Show.

Claudine West: LizianEvents Ltd:

Thank You Claudine West

The HeArt In Mind Show and The Used Retro and Vintage Shop are run by Creativity Connected Ltd. One should be clear, Ian is taking a wage out of the organisation. The accounts will be returned to companies house and taxable. There is no indication of charitable status. And while we will receive donations, it is envisaged most o the profits will be made from buying and selling items. I do not want any misunderstandings about the business’s finances, which is run on a profit basis, and the principal use of the profits is to fund the HeArt In Mind Events.

So we lead up to Christmas, and LizianShop is very busy! There is plenty of stock with no shortage of crystals apart from Moldavite! It has gained great TicTok recognition, and I will not stock the crystal at its current wholesale price. I mention this because if you are a collector of crystals and minerals, remember you are always influenced by market trends. There has to be a cutoff point of how much one is prepared to pay for any commodity. Whether crystal or exhibition stall, everything has a ceiling price. It does not make sense to purchase beyond a reasonable level.

Well, they were my thoughts for today. Many thanks for your support and kindness over the last week.

Liz Clark MD
LizianEvents Ltd

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