Last week we enjoyed the shopkeeper’s paradox. Every day bought customers both new and old to the LizianShop. The paradox is the happiness customers have when buying the presents and the comment ‘I’ve spent too much this year’.

And of course, many of you will know the feeling. When one asks ‘What would you like for Christmas’ and the reply is way out of financial reach. Does one feel embarrassed or max out the card? For many a difficult problem.

Life is full of these issues. One’s where we know the reality and cannot bear to face the implications. From political nonsense to false news, we are surrounded by people who have the inability to face the facts. And so, they capitulate: with: ‘That is the way it is, we cannot do anything about it’ knowing full well the comment is a self deception.

In the long term, the truth will out! And a price has to be paid for the self-deception. For not only do we deceive the child by buying a present that cannot be afforded we enter into debt beyond money. Because we have failed to accept who we are and what we can afford to give. To say to someone ‘I cannot afford’ is not shameful; it is an indication of truth and integrity. And teaches a great lesson, one which demonstrates an ability to look after personal finance.

There is NO shame in being poor. We live in a society where the cost of living is astronomical. Taxation is within everything earned and purchased. These are the reasons for financial issues, the reasons we have little in reserve. Credit cards have become a way of life, not an occasional credit buffer. And to demonstrate to a child this truth by saying ‘Your desire is beyond what I can afford’ is a greater present than the toy which lays in the cupboard unused a month after the ‘big day.’

You may be one of the fortunate people for which money is no issue. Well, good fortune to you and your benefactors. You will have learned how to negotiate life. And I’ll bet you have the ability to say: ‘Give me a list of what you would like and I’ll buy what I can afford.’ The words are powerful lessons of wisdom.

When someone comes to our shop to buy a present they will say: ‘I want to buy a present, for my girlfriend, I know nothing about crystals, what can you suggest?’ and our first answer is always: ‘What can you afford to spend?’ And regardless of the amount stated, the customer will always, everytime, be shown goods well below the ceiling price. We are not here to take every penny we can from customers, our objective is to keep our customers and grow our reputation. It is why we have traded for nearly 20 years and will continue to work in our business well beyond retirement.

So what is the message today? It is:

This week, buy within your means and live within your capabilities. Because when we extend our reach the return journey nay be the one which causes pain and regret.

See You Soon

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