Today is the beginning of the big week. Saturday is Christmas Day, which means some work right up to the end of Christmas Eve. And as we know, there is no actual holiday for the Mum’s who have to work like any other day. In certainty, the preparations are more extensive than most days.

And there is always the last minute presents and things forgotten. Christmas lights fail because the fuse has blown. Someone forgot to order the online food! Friends phoning to say they have tested positive and wouldn’t be coming over and memories of friends overseas who cannot come home for Christmas.

What a place we find ourselves within

I cannot number the times people have said, ‘I doesn’t seem like Christmas.’ I’ll bet you have listened to the comment. And my answer is: ‘Maybe not, but there is a symbol of hope within the nativity.’ New birth and the possibility of great lessons to be learned. It matters not if you believe in the Master Christ or not. The messages stand the test of time. Indeed, many gurus and self-help experts paraphrase the scriptures and make the sentiments their own.

Life is about love and sacrifice, and acceptance. We cannot like everyone. And as the last two years have proven, we cannot agree with everyone. But the nativity message offers the opportunity for new birth and beginnings. We know many will never forget the injustice, loss and uncertainties of the crisis. But we can take hope in the grit of humankind.

As the week begins, why not align yourself with the message of hope and rebirth. See the world for what it is, sinister and challenging at times and wonderful and guiding others. There has to be sadness and pain to feel good and beautiful experiences. Life was never easy. Whether rich or poor, the same fears lay within the unconscious mind.

And it is these fears which have been preyed upon by the unfeeling and cruel. So, rise above the mundane and poor rhetoric, see yourself as a guiding light, a star of happiness, love and purpose. See the week ahead as preparation for a new era of hope and security. Do not doubt the potential for freedom and security is available to all humankind. And for those who focus on the positive, they will enjoy the wonders available.

Suppose you give yourself one present this week. Make sure it is happiness and refuse to indulge in speculation and fear. This is the key to long-term security. Many will tell you to envisage a future of wealth. It is far better to turn your life around now and bring the emotion of love within your being. Because as you will have experienced at some time in your journey: When the ultimate emotional response is part of life, magic happens.

Enjoy Your Week

Ian Timothy


  1. Life is about challenges and sacrifice. We all sacrificed last Christmas, our families and friends, our normality. Many, like me. lost family members and were limited in grieving loved ones due a numbers game by those that do not follow rules. We limited funeral numbers and knocked off disappointed grandchildren to pay our respects when others drank wine and had cheese boards in their gardens. This year at least our grandchildren’s nativities are taking place but not quite, not for us to be part of, to wave and share their excitement, but half cancelled in exchange for a movie of them, not the same. Another link sent by email from school to a detached way of life. I fear my little ones will think this is normal – detached.

    Given the indecisiveness of the government and the anticipation of another lockdown I have thrown out the rule book and spent this last week picking my grandchildren up early from school to make special days of adventures for them at cinemas, bowling alleys and other delights, just being silly, grabbing opportunities. This a fantastic memory in a child’s life, leaving school early, grandma smiling at the school door saying “come on, jump in the car, we have another adventure, we are off”, the excitement of escaping in a car for a surprise, hot dogs and fun. We owe them hope, we owe it to ourselves to think of our families and how all these rules they don’t understand affects them.

    The conversations from my grandchildren are sadly, media led, “what do you think of Boris mamma”? Jacob is seven, this would have be the last thing on my mind at seven years old. Another child crying in confusion “Why don’t you grown ups just sort this out, it is stressing me out, my life is over, door slam, I don’t know where I fit” says Harry 9yrs with OCD and causes havoc before sulking in his room. Seth who is four started school last year, sees the outbursts of his brothers and thinks it is normal, for him normal is being at school one day and being at home the next, I guess he will bounce back quicker than the others.

    The guiding light I give to my family is – make the most of what we have now – take on board what is going on around us but most of all – go with your gut. Keep your bubble safe, do what you can remotely so you can share time with those that mean something to you. Make your bubble group as emotionally strong as you can because it the mental stress that will fray away their edges in the most peculiar ways and outbursts.

    We are for sure heading for a lockdown after Boxing Day which is only days away. The gift we receive at this time is an awareness to evaluate what is really important to us, who you want in your life right now and how you are going to achieve it.

    Stay safe my friends. If you are feeling venerable, know you are not alone, there will be many out there just sat alone waiting for a call or a message, so give a shout out, it could be a lifeline.

    The magic of lifting souls from this trauma is in all of us, and it is just a thought you can put into action, the magic of connection and hope. It might be a small thing to you but it could be a life line to others.

    Keep sharing the love, let others know you are thinking of them, send unconditional love. It costs nothing.

    Your gift is priceless.

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