Tomorrow’s LizianEvents Facebook live will be the last one of 2022. The guest will be Mr Rick Paul. Ian and Rick will review the year and turn a few Tarot cards for viewers.

Rick Paul: LizianEvents:

Mr Rick Paul

Facebook Lives have proven immensely popular over the last year. With over forty guests appearing on the show. And Next year the regular Wednesday evening show will have a similar format with many new guests. One of the first for 2022 will be Mr Tim A Cummins. He is an amazing man. Many of you will listen to his weekly podcasts, found on LizianEvents Group.

Social Media

The extensive use of social media has been an absolute winner for The Community and the Well Being Brand. It has connected us to so many new people. And as you will discover, in 2022, we have a significantly enlarged attending community at all events. And many find the way to us through. Facebook – Instagram – Pintrest – Twitter. Making the streams work is no easy task, and one has to hammer the anvil of connecting with unrelenting attention.

If you are part of the LizianEvents Community there are hundreds of articles for you to share with friends. This simple click of a button makes the difference to footfall and Visitor interest. If you read an article that works for you: share it and show that you care.

We are certain Wednesday night’s Facebook Live will be a brilliant show. Come along to the LizianEvents Facebook page at 19:00 hrs and enjoy an hour or more of Well Being Thoughts and Tarot Card interpretation.

See You There

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