Darren is a very busy man. He publishes tens of newspaper articles every week and is a popular guest on national television and radio. In this article he offers and insight to his continuing popularity.


This is a short article because it offers an insight into one of the most important aspect of success. It is clarity. I mentor many people in the business world, and before offering suggestions, I talk to them about their work and future plans. The first hour or so can be tedious. The client enters into a long dialogue of information about subjects which have no relevance to our working objectives.

Of course, they find me slightly abrasive when I fairly comment: ‘Yes, that is interesting but irrelevant to the task in hand.’ You see, I will have learned about the clients, degrees, further education, family and hopes; but nothing which is important! A degree was attained years ago and much information may no longer be relevant. further education is great but is useful for the clients future? And how does one’s family influence their business objectives?

Successful people love their family and very often the reason or drive for success is to own a nice home and see one’s children succeed. But the drive for success is NOT the way to success. And I offer the idea that those who attain greatness, know, people prefer clarity and simplistic explanation over long drawn out stories.

Brevity Counts

I interview a client for the first time. The question is asked ‘What are your objectives, how can I help you?’ The answer is brief ‘Darren, I wish to find the best possible ways to communicate with my colleagues and clients.’ And my reply is: ‘Now your are talking!’

Whenever someone comes straight to the point they have a better chance of holding the clients attention. ‘Hi, I’m Mr Brown and my business has helped may customers finding new clients’ is far superior to: ‘Hello, I’m Mr Brown, I have worked with XYZ and ABC they are my main clients and we work together to find new customers. They have found using my methods have increase their turnover by 150%.’

Once the statements are made the new client will ask: ‘If XYZ and ABC are the primary clients why is Mr Brown looking from new ones? And can a turnover better increased by finding new clients? Profit is more important than turnover.’ The potential client is already in doubt of statements. Yes, further information can become part of the sales later, but answering questions comes after the initial bond is formed.

Clear and precise communication is the key to success in many avenues of life. When one makes defined statements a new client will appreciate the candid approach. Not only this, you are showing respect for a new clients most valuable asset, which is time.

Get straight to the point. Condense statements using few words and non-ambiguous information. So, if you are selling a product is is easier to say: ‘I have sold this product for years and it is one which gains repeat orders from regular customers.’ A poor answer is: ‘Well, the product offers better value than ABC or XYZ. The ABC product has many disadvantages. colour is limited and the size range is too small.’ and the the customer answers: ‘Yes, but the colours do not fade and the sizes are generous and accurate.’ Selling by deeming the competition is not a clear way of selling. Demonstration of customer loyalty is simple and effective.

You rarely read of Rolex, BMW, Rolls-Royce selling with facts and figures. The image portrayed is one of quality and association with class and quality. And this is key to success. Sales are made by association with success and quality, not by comparison to other brands. Yes! Supermarkets price compare all the time: however, not matter what the price of potatoes, customers shop at Tesco and stay with Tesco, other follow their brand with Aldi! It is important to remember this when making sales.

So, take these thoughts away for the day and use them when working with customers. See if your sales rate increases. There is all probability the results will be surprising.

Tomorrow, I will write about how this idea can benefit one’s environment.

Darren Stanton

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