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There are many people worldwide who listen to LizianEvents News podcasts found on the iTunes Platform. Interestingly, Helen sent an email this week asking about our video and Audi promotions. And her super email made us realise we are not promoting the iTunes platform sufficiently!

Although there are links to the podcasts at the end of LizianEvents News front page. There was not until now a direct link to iTunes. This situation is now rectified and the link is now in the from page. For those of you who have not visited our iTune page there is a link below. Remember you can share and download the podcasts and do not forget to recommend the page to friends who also have an interest in Well Being and the incredible Community. Click the link below and discover the incredible range of available podcasts.

Not only does the iTunes platform connect people to Community Members, but while on the iTunes site listeners can read the website page relevant to the interview. So, being part of the podcast platform means you connect to potentially millions people worldwide!

iTunes Platform Here

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