Many of you are great poets and would love to see tier work published. Now you can have the chance to see your work in print and enjoy the honour of being a published writer.

You can submit your work for Gary’s appraisal and if successful you will have the opportunity to read your work in print. This is a great opportunity. Gary is one of the Uk’s most respected poets and he has many accolades for his work. Staffordshire Poet Laureate no less!

Your submissions will be professionally appraised. This means you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your work. Do not think you will be marked down or made to feel unworthy. Far from being critical, the appraisal will take you to the next level. So, send in your work and it is sure to be accurately assessed.

The genres are centred on wellbeing and spiritual thoughts. But be flexible! Nothing will be dismissed, a good piece with an insightful message is where Gary desires t0 take the publication. It is easy to be part of the project. Use the email button below to send your details to Gary who will contact you with submission details.

If you would like to know more about Gary follow the link below:

Gary Longdon ~ Staffordshire Poet Laureate

Watch the video and learn more about this amazing project

Any questions or suggestions AND to forward your details to Gary: Use the email button below:

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