Liz’s Lizian Crystals and Incense Shop Facebook lives are very popular. Organic reach is in excess of 500 views within seven days of the show being broadcast. Of course, the show promotes LizianShop, but it also heightens awareness of the Well Being Shows.

When watching the LizianShop lives, an astute watcher will realise Liz does not sell items. The show is purely centred on information. This informative format is preferred to a purely selling event. Although, we must acknowledge there is great merit in running an only sales event. Liz feels she gains more ground by demonstration of knowledge and experience.

Liz does not introduce guests each week, preferring to alternate between an information show and a ‘guest’ event. Either format works well and encourages a vibrant question and answers aspect. So enjoy the show and consider being a guest on the show. If you work with crystals, crystal therapy or retail crystals why not consider being a guest?

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