Last evening’s LizianEvents Live provided plenty of insight into this weekend’s Well Being Show.

Ian and Rick spoke about the show, the venue, Community Members and the talk schedule. Rick has attended events country-wide, and his opinion is important to consider. He believes this weekend’s show will be a spectacular event. With so many different aspects of the event, Rick and Ian consider the Visitor attractions.

Watch the show:

We look forward to meeting old and making new friends over the weekend. The interest in the event is unprecedented and if the Visitor numbers are reflected in the interest surrounding the show we are in for a wonderful weekend. The promotions are targeted at our existing database and the response is as already mentioned very good indeed.

With only three days before the Lincolnshire Well Being Being Show opens its doors there will be the final push toward reminding Visitors about the event. And for all of you who are attending please share the event with like minded friends and family.

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