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Newcastle Well Being Show: LizianEvents Ltd

Bang! What a Show!

It is very late and there needs to be a few words written about today’s Newcastle Well Being ~ Mind Body and Soul Experience. Everyone involved knows for sure, the distances travelled paid off. Everyone was at the rainbow’s pot of gold.

We thank the hundreds of people who attended the show today. The attendance numbers surpassed any we could possibly have anticipated. I’m not speculating on the overall attendance figures for the weekend, but there is every probability we will be more than satisfied with the turnout!

If ever there was to be a new event in the UK. It was here in Newcastle. Feedback is simply 101% from Visitors and Community~exhibitors. We have already taken bookings for future Newcastle Shows from people not attending this weekend. The next show will be full to capacity and this means we can utilise the full extent of the racecourse’s facilities.

We are already planning the event later in the year, a show which will no doubt impact the whole of the North-Eastern region. This is no exaggeration, today’s Well Being Show has impressed so many people. We have made many, many new friends today and other is NO doubt we have sown the seeds for a spectacular future.

Never have we felt so certain about the future of a new event!

Thank you to everyone who has made today one of great memories ~ Never to be forgotten.

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