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Darren Stanton TV Psychologist
Gary Longden Writer & Poet
Innerlight Academy of Clinical Hypnosis
Self Discovery Coach
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Yoga and Mindfulness classes for Children Woodland Trust

You made this first Well Being ~ Mind Body and Soul Experience one to remember. The attendance numbers for a first event are astounding. None can dispute the community exhibitors have set the seed for the future of the North East of England’s Well Being Shows. Nothing can take away the memory of this fantastic event. We all feel this show was more than an echo of past events. It was an amplification of the old events. I have to write, I cannot remember ANY event I have been involved with in the last 20+ years that comes near to this one for the potential of growth.

I truly know, that after eight years of working towards becoming a premier organiser of events; we have hit the right formula. And all of you who were here this weekend cannot dispute what occurred.

Attending Community

To all of you who travelled immense distances to make this show happen ~ Your dedication is acknowledged ~ You grasped the nettle and demonstrated your faith in the Well Being Brand. You did not think ‘I’ll wait and see how it goes’ ~ You said ‘We are the Community and we’ll make the Newcastle Well Being Show work’ ~ You had faith in the organisation, the ability to see the potential and your ability to give Visitors a wonderful experience.

Local Community Members

Local exhibitor – Community also saw the potential and worked like crazy to make the show work. They embellished every second of the show. Local promotion and sharing were unprecedented. You have truly made this show your own. It is probable, that the next show later in the year will be mostly filled with local exhibitors! That is the incredible potential of the Newcastle Well Being ~ Mind Body and Soul Experience.

Paul Willcock and Debs Moonshine

Special thanks must go out to Debs and Paul the Newcastle Well Being Show Ambassadors. They have worked tirelessly to talk about and promote the show. We cannot dismiss the importance of having people close to any new event. I doubt if a new event can work without extra special promotional activity being made by people close to the venue. Finding people who can be dedicated to the event, is difficult. However, Debs and Paul were spectacular in their dedication and faith in the Newcastle Well Being Show.

Future Potential

Everyone who attended the show as Visitors left with great feelings about the potential of future events. We have already taken bookings for stands from people who attended oner this weekend! To give you an idea of this indication of success: Liz has taken firm bookings for eight, Yes! eight new exhibitors. Never has this happened before at any event.

I can only repeat, after nearly nine years of organising events, it is evident we have reached the tipping point in promotional awareness: it can only get better from here onwards. We sensed there were indications this had happened after the Newark Well Being Show, as we were beginning to see daily LizianEvents News reading figures in excess of 500 a day. Leading up to this event we enjoyed figures of 600+ ~ If you are considering working with us, never has there been a better time to take full advantage of the years many years of promotional work.

Staffordshire Well Being Show and Pure Spirit Mind Body and Spirit shows are looking great. Again, never have we seen such interest or enjoyed so many prebooked tickets. The year ahead looks like it is going to be a busy one for all of our faithful and dedicated Community Members. With a new show being announced for 2023 The Well Being Brand is making incredible headways.

Once again: many thanks to our show ambassadors Debs and Paul ~ You have done an amazing job ~ bless you and thank you from the Community and Visitors.

Paul and Debbie: LizianEvents Ltd:
Paul Willcock: LizianEvents Ltd
Newcastle Well Being Show: LizianEvents Ltd

So we again: thank everyone who made this show a spectacular event. A real magical experience, one which IS the seeds to bigger and better shows in the future. Anyone involved in the Well Being Brand should be sure the years of effort and dedication to the Well Being Objective is paying dividends. See you all very soon.

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