We all learned a lesson during The Staffordshire Well Being Show! It is follow the calendar. If it’s Easter and the first Easter to celebrate in three years, do not run an event. And we all saw the date and the holiday and, with open eyes, put the event together. With this in mind, when we present the 2023 calendar, it will be with beneficial dates in mind. Yes, we will stay to our traditional regular dates, but the new dates for Liverpool will fit in with a reasonable time between our other events. We will never, and never run consecutive shows in our calendar again. In accuracy, the promotion is too hectic in our already busy calendar. Lessons learned and not to be repeated.

This weekend sees us at the Pure Spirit MBS Show at The Lady Eastwood Center at Newark Showground. It is becoming a nicely balanced show. None of the Community stands conflicts with each other. This is another aspect we have to address. There is an absolute need to rebalance the stall allocation at events. And this will result in a slightly different show format.

When we announce our Liverpool Well Being Show venue on the first of May, we will also announce the calendar dates 2023 and the new format for the next two years. And we are very conscious of the need to rebalance stand allocation and this will mean having to make some firm choices for the future of the shows. The plans and new policies and objectives will be announced during May.

Everyone we have spoken to has made very positive and insightful suggestions for the format of the shows. We were surprised by a few of the suggestions, which seem to open the horizons for the future. No one can dispute the loyalty The Well Being Brand has attained. We are looking forward to the next three years, there are many changes ahead, and we think the right changes. And you will be surprised by the direction we are taking in the new format.

Pure Spirit

We are experimenting with a new layout at the Pure Spirit Event this weekend. And there is plenty of interest in the show. We have to be clear, the Pure Spirit brand will need some nurturing before it really gains identity. However, it will become a brand to be proud of. And it is in its best place, one of evolution and development.

This weekend will see the third Pure Spirit at the Lady Eastwood Centre and it will be a first-class show. How do I know? Because of the QUALITY of the Community who are standing. There is much interest from the regular and new Visitors. The policy is to promote the finest organised events with the best show connections. There will be no wavering from this policy, one which is the original plan made six years ago at the first Lincoln Well Being Show. We are an exclusive Community-driven enterprise and will continue to forge ahead with a clear and defined plan for the future.

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  1. Do not be too hard on yourselves regarding Easter.

    Sometimes a holiday weekend can encourage people to attend shows, sometimes they do other things. It is impossible to predict. The important thing is to present an irresistible proposition for people to attend whatever the circumstances.

    Liverpool will be a great addition to the calendar. From a past life regression perspective Bold Street is the Time Slip centre of the UK so it is a bulls eye location.

    Prior to lockdown there was a vibrant debate on MBS shows and formats. I am so pleased to read that you have chosen to grasp the nettle on a debate which has evolved still further post Covid and with a cost of living crisis upon us. Adopt, adapt, improve.

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