“Good morning everyone.
Just a few words about this weekend’s Pure Spirit MBS Show at Newark Showground’s Lady Eastwood Centre.

I am looking forward to hosting this weekend’s show. The attendance list looks to be very interesting for all attending visitors. And I’m sure they will enjoy a superb weekend of spiritual interactions. Of course, many will attend for the interesting talks and presentation schedule. I have enjoyed working through the application forms and choosing the presenters.

We have chosen to make the show one which is compact and as close to my format. It would have been easy to have a few more stands, but I did not want to have too much repetition. I believe in fairness to those who are paying for their stands and it is my desire for people, not only to enjoy the Pure Spirit Show but also to make some money as well!

Barrie John. LizianEvents.org
Mr Barrie John

Goodness, we have been through difficult times and it seems to me there are many changes ahead. One has to consider the implications of fuel and general expenses, and the effect these burdens will ultimately have on the events industry. It seems prudent to keep the shows affordable and successful. But, it is, of course, a fine balance between success and failure. From my point of view, I think we need to produce excellent shows with experienced exhibitors. And those who wish to exhibit for the first time should be nurtured and not overwhelmed with public appearance.

So, this weekend’s Pure Spirit Show is one put together with great thought and restraint. I do not want to be seen as someone who is part of an oversubscribed and poorly attended event. And yes! I am fully aware of the fact Pure Spirit is a new venture and finding its feet. So, I am immensely grateful to all who are placing their trust in my vision for the future.

I know for sure, that anyone who attends this weekend’s show is in for a real Mind Body and Spirit treat. It will be one of quality and good organisation. Thanks to all exhibitors and those who are presenting talks. And of course thanks to Liz and Ian for their endeavours to take my vision and turn it into a reality.

See you all over the weekend:

Barrie John

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