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St George’s Hall

Ian and I enjoyed a hectic three days in Liverpool this week. It is a truly fabulous city. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it? It is the home of the Beatles ~ The Fab Four. As with most cities in the UK, there is massive investment in tourist attractions and little business investment. Although, the councils would have the locals believe tourism is a job maker.

I remember the old MBS events held at St George’s Hall. And the inevitable closure of the event. Today it would cost £3000 a day minimum to rent the venue! However, running an event here is a not impossible aspect, but one must consider the logistics of running a Well Being Show at St George’s . Parking and setting up for the show would present many issues. And so would the possibility of attracting sufficient numbers of Visitors. So, hats off to the past and thank you for the memory.

We have a small venue in mind and one which is sensibly priced. I feel viability is essential to the possibility of running an event in Liverpool; an imperative aspect is the venue has to be reasonable in cost so that we can offer very low priced stands. Because after talking to several holistic enterprises in the area, we accept the reality is potential Visitors may not be too great in number. Therefore, a small pilot venue seems to make sense.

The second hurdle is availability. There is no suitable date for 2022, and availability of the venue is limited to 2023. Two dates are on the table. However, we await confirmation. For those who are interested, there is no conflict with other significant events during the 2023 calendar. I realise the frustration, but the key to our thinking is organising an affordable possibility for Community Members. If there are no high stakes involved, we will fill the venue both ways: i.e. with stallholders, and we can attract Visitors with zero entry fee and build the event from that marker. So, from small beginnings…

From Small Beginnings:

And Liverpool’s famous children demonstrate the idea of lowly beginnings becoming golden successes. I considered this when we walked around the city for an hour. The number one destination has to be the Cavern Club, where many groups and performers sang their way to fame.

The small ally demonstrates how the groups flocked to a small back street in Liverpool to see their favourite groups. And as I looked at the street, the Cavern Club and the surrounding area, there seemed to be a message being sent ‘Small venue, Liz and build the reputation with the best of Community Values.’ And the Cavern was packed with fans. But from these humble beginnings, history was made.

And we are sure this is the way to take the Liverpool Well Being Show. Newcastle has proven we can take the brand to new horizons. However, Liverpool is not Newcastle. The dynamics and logistics are entirely different. And we do not (as yet) have an Ambassador to continually promote a new event in the City and its surrounding areas. So, the show will be small, of exceptional quality and held in an accessible and beautiful venue.

Our Community’s small and exclusive Well Being Show will hold the Visitor’s expectations. There is no need for a large venue or the need to take risks. We will invest and support a Mind Body and Soul Experience in Liverpool. The platform is a superb venue, with good parking, easy access and excellent facilities.

Final Reflections:

John and Cilla came from humble beginnings and climbed to great heights. They were recognised as top of their game amongst hundreds of other groups. Both experienced great hardship and followed a torturous path to success with many setbacks and difficulties. Losses and wins are the parents of success. The key to our future is sensible choices, investment and clarity.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD ~ LizianEvents Ltd

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