Good morning everyone. I hope you’ll enjoy your bank holiday break. And for the many of you working today, we offer gratitude: you are keeping the wheels of society turning.

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We All Count

Every aspect of society makes the whole world tick. From the humble flower seller in a tourist city to the high-flying city banker, all contribute to each other’s success. We may not see the relevance to our work in ‘the big picture’ but everyone has a part in the world’s future. So, do not feel unworthy or not acknowledged for your endeavour. Without your contribution, someone somewhere would be in need.

Be Perceptive:

When shopping today, try to thank and respect the people who serve you. They are not slaves to the corporation, and they are beautiful people who work to feed their families and pay their bills. They are responsible for their life and, as you know, life is not always easy. And while others treat those who serve with ignorance and contempt, rise above the arrogant attitude and become kind, compassionate and respectful. With a right-minded attitude, life becomes more accessible and more comfortable. A simple ‘thank-you’ can gain a multitude of blessings. An unthinking arrogant attitude becomes the seed of restrictions. Gratitude is the simple path – Arrogance is an arduous trail.

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Give Thanks – Kindness Is Easy

To Be Distinguished:

A genuinely great individual knows all humankind is equal. They do not revere wealth or position. They see all attainment through hard work and earning respect. Those who are wise choose to share their lives with like-minded people. Knowing a common purpose takes them to wealth beyond gold and possession. It is hard work to compromise with those who are selfish at heart. It is simple to agree with those who are giving, generous and kind.

Uncomplicated or Complex?

Is being respectful difficult? Of course not. It is giving thanks for the efforts of a stranger. Respect and gratitude are the seeds of good friends and even love. Offering respect demonstrates the ability to see another’s worth and abilities. I see the immense value in the people who empty our refuse bins, clean our pavements and tend to our parks. Many think these jobs are beneath them or lowly employment. And truth to tell, these toils are the bedrock of society. We would soon become a broken society; do not doubt the simple statement.

Hard Work Need Rewards:

crop person in rubber gloves cleaning tiles

Simple Tasks Can Be The Most Important

A factual statement. And one which should become a focal point of meditation. Low wages and poor conditions have become accepted practices for billion-dollar corporations. And while you are helpless to change this bitter reality, you can make a difference by respecting the sacrifice of the millions who have to work through holidays. A smile, a thank-you and thoughts of gratitude will not only brighten a stranger’s day, your inner-being will be rewarded, and happiness will become a part of your life.

See You Soon

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  1. Forty years ago i read “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. The above could have been lifted from those pages. A timely reminder, thank you

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