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Winds of Change is a fascinating book. There can be little doubt that anyone on a spiritual journey will benefit from having it in their library. Its premise works on multiple levels. It is an excellent read on the most basic level, full of anecdotes and spiritual ideas. For a more advanced reader working in the areas of mediumship or psychic development, the chapters become excellent tutorials.

Claire’s subtle text seeps into one’s unconscious mind and guides the reader to realise their dreams must have a profound meaning. Claire refers to dreams and later outcomes. The outcomes are significant premonitions and ask one to consider the possibility of noticing dream messages.

A substantial amount of information can be discovered on the theory when researched. There is an exciting reference to mind control and John Lennon’s assassin Mark Chapman. Claire suggests there is evidence to confirm the idea that Chapman murdered the singer on instructions of the establishment. How Claire arrives at the suggestion is very interesting indeed.

The reviewer has no intention of spoiling any part of the book by providing examples of text or outcomes of each chapter. But Chapter 12 is one of significant interest to the spiritual medium. There are ideas about light, good and evil and Jacob’s Ladder: when considered together we discover exciting ideas about opening our minds to ‘hear’. No apologies for being cryptic!

The book is an excellent read, and Claire’s recording of her dreams and deciphering the meaning are exciting. And although the review is indeed short, one should be under no illusion Winds of Change is an important book.

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