We have been asked if we would reconsider running small events. A small event is approximately 30 Community Members and a one room talks facility. If the interest was great enough we may consider the idea. The format would be similar to the original Market Rasen Well Being Show.

Of course, we would have to find suitable venues for the Well Being Brand and we would only run three, possibly four, shows each year. But if the demand is there the idea would be considered.

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As a Community based organisation, the people involved can offer ideas or make suggestions. They also can decide if a new idea has merit or not. So, have your say and reply using the contact form below!


  1. I do not think that the question is the desirability of small venue events- it is simply about the profitability of any event to stallholders.

    Since lockdown, three major factors have emerged for shows. Fuel costs have risen significantly, this means that the distance that exhibitors have to travel has becomes more important. For two day shows those costs double. Accommodation costs have also increased. A balancing calculation has to be made between the cost of an overnight stay versus the costs of another day’s travel there and back. The cost of living has dramatically increased, the amount of money in visitor’s pockets has reduced. All of these factors affect the dynamics of shows from both sides of the table.

    Do an exhibitors takings double over two days? If a show was on for one day rather than two, how many of the visitors on day two would simply visit on day one? Maybe any net loss in visitor numbers is negligible with exhibitor costs halved?

    I am unconvinced that the public understand the difference between a 30 table, 60 table and 80 table show. The quality, rather than quantity of standholder, and availability of readers are the factors which I think impress the public most.

    After the last show Ian wrote that he had conducted a series of voxpops with visitors which had surprised him. It would be interesting to know what the results, as promised, were.

    We disagreed a few years ago about the provision of a licensed bar. At the recent Rose Douglas show at Stockport and White Light show at Long Eaton, licensed bars were available, both were packed from opening at 11 to close at 4pm, both were exceptionally well attended.. The benefit of this was that it encouraged people to stay longer. Vox populi, vox dei.

    There are some challenges ahead. Smaller shows may require what amounts to a bespoke select stable of exhibitors chosen for diversity and quality. Furthermore the community has been brilliant at cross promotion on social media. But we may be at a point whereby stallholders may need to be chosen, invited or selected on the basis of influence. I note that at Stafford “The angel Attic” who are hugely active, and the churches at the Barbanell centre Stafford and Longton Church at Stoke were not present, nor was there representation from Stafford University. A shift towards influencers may be required.

    What I admire about lizian is a preparedness to listen and to be one step ahead of the public. Littleport, small but perfectly formed, and Liverpool a massive university area steeped in MBS and the Timeslip capital of the UK hold much promise.

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