Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts: 22.05.22

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Hello Everyone,

A short Sunday Thought’s this week. But first, happy birthday wishes to our friend and supporter of The Well Being Shows, Di Wall. We have known Di for over 20 years and have spent many happy hours in her company. Di and Peter never fail to extend their kindness, help and support. Happy Birthday, Di. See you very soon.

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Di Wall

My granddaughter Arabella is a keen gymnast. Whenever we are out,, she’ll cartwheel, handstand, hop, skip and jump any obstacle. Like all grandparents, there is some fear combined with laughter as the exploits are watched. Bella lives in an upside down – high-speed sports mad world. Imagine my surprise when my son called to say she was sitting on a tyre in the playground, fell off and fractured her arm!

Bella: LizianEvents Ltd

So while I’d ask you to send out the healing vibes: I’d also comment that the lesson here is predicaments can arise even when we consider ourselves as invincible. No matter how fit and well trained we are the unpredictale can upset the plans!

I spoke to a Community Member who felt she had an issue at an event. The problem is not important, the timing of the ‘complaint’ is worth reflection. How can Ian or I deal with anything that occurred nearly six weeks ago? There is a good time to make one’s feelings heard, it is at the event. We have broad shoulders and nothing is out of bounds. If there is something to say, then air the thoughts and we’ll deal with the problem immediatly.

The upshot was the Community Member had allowed the issues to fester and six weeks later we were having a robust conversation. When I said ‘I already knew of the issue and her feelings the Community Member was surprised. People talk, and nothing is a secret! Unfortuantly, due to the time factor there was little we could do to rectify the situation. But I knew how Bella felt when she fell of the tyre!

So, please if there is something which needs addressing, then either call or email. There is nothing you can say which will offend either Ian or myself. If we know of an issue, we can deal with it and in many cases offer a practical solution. In almost every difficult situation, lack of knowing or communication will make the issue worse, or as in this case, without resolve.

It seems likely we’ll be seeing nearly 100 different stands at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. The talks and presentation schedule is attracting the attention of many people. As promised, we have issued the lists weeks ahead of the event, clearly this is helping with Visitor awareness. The Lincolnshire Well Being Show looks very promising indeed.

A short Sunday Thoughts this week, so, I’ll wish you all the very best for the coming week and don’t forget, if you have something to say, then say it!

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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