4 + 5 June 2022
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show

A Mind Body and Soul Experience
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

Up to 90 Attending Community Members
60 Talks and Presentations
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Reflexology is a much loved and effective alternative therapy. Hundreds of Visitors come to Well Being Show to enjoy their massages and therapies and Reflexology is one of the most popular of all. A session not only helps with healing, but it is also acknowledged as being a relaxing experience. Many people feeling the benefits for days after the session.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. And with the incredible number of people who return for follow up sessions the claim is not without substance.

Enjoy a Session

A brilliant session will take about 30 minutes. The practitioner will explain the process, ask a few questions and the session begins. You will discover that at the end of the treatment you’ll feel relaxed and calm. The therapeutic aspects will already be working and will continue to help for many days after the session. Reflexology is safe and has a brilliant track record for attaining remarkable results. Many sports professionals enjoy Reflexology on a regular basis, if you are ‘on your feet’ daily you cannot go wrong with Reflexology.

Reflexologists Attending The Show

We have two Reflexologists attending the Lincolnshire Well Being Show:

Chandu Solanki

Chandu has an in credible reputation as a reflexologist and Masseur: He is with the Community at every Well Being Event and we will all look forward to working with and experiencing his many talents in the coming year: Enjoy reading about this amazing man.

Sanctuary Reflexology – Chandu is a Qualified VTEC Reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur. He travels from York to be with us during The Well Being Shows. Chandu has a beautiful calm and peaceful nature. This weekend he’ll be providing our Visitors with a sublime massage. Chandu has a large and loyal following of clients who come to events, especially to have their bodies soothed and relaxed. Chandu is a wonderful man, he is kind, thoughtful and understanding. No wonder he has such an extensive following of clients: Here is Chandu’s profile:

My name is Chandu Solanki.

I strive to create an environment whereby my clients feel physically and mentally relaxed. It is my passion to deliver the best standard of care to your doorstep, in the comfort of your own home, or during lunchtime sessions and Corporate Clinic environments. I am a Qualified VTEC Reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur. I have set up the Reflexology Practice to put the spring back into your step!

Newark - September - One

After my retirement from Royal Mail in 2013, I decided to pursue a course in complementary therapy. To commence this qualification, I needed to attain a practitioner qualification and so I started my training in Reflexology. The course was a year and included the study of anatomy & physiology along with 100hrs of case studies. I was so amazed by the results that I decided not to take the course but to continue as a practitioner and specialize in Reflexology.

Since my qualification, I have realised the regard the course has within the field of Complementary Therapy. It is thorough, exposes skills that you would otherwise have missed, and develops the intrigue of the wonders of A & P and how our body functions. After successfully passing VTEC Reflexology – Level 3. I decided to take my knowledge of complementary therapies further and be an asset to anyone who seeks a holistic approach to healing and well being.

My holistic training has comprised the following courses: Reflexology: Basic training of 1 year plus anatomy and physiology (100hrs case studies) Spiritual Healing: Completed training in Spiritual Healing with the church and heal voluntary once a week. Qualified Healer/SNU member Chandu:

Dave Elliott

Dave Elliott MAR – Based in Nottingham, David is a Clinical Reflexologist registered with AOR (Association of Reflexologists), CHNC (giving treatments through Health Insurance providers) and covered with Public Liability Insurance. He can always be found with his girl Friday, Sharon, by his side, who’s always ready to talk to potential clients and organise future bookings.

Dave Elliott: LizianEvents Ltd

David’s love of working with energies began with his years of learning Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga. He is a qualified teacher of Tai Chi and a British Gold Medallist for fixed-step pushing hands in 2011 and the following year a silver medallist. He was looking to further his understanding of Complementary Therapies when he discovered Reflexology.

A graduate of Nottingham Jubilee College of Reflexology. David has qualified to a clinical reflexologist level. This in-depth course, comprised hours of hands-on training, learning the Sequence, the theory to study anatomy and physiology, practical of 100 client Studies, modules on infertility and palliative care and hours of reading and searching out 100s of conditions to be included in his condition’s index. He also continues this learning journey by attending more courses to further his knowledge of Reflexology and other complementary therapies.

David has throughout 2019 been building a portfolio, around the area. He is a regular at Nottingham University wellbeing days for staff and students. He has also been seen in a few local fayres, and wellbeing shows and been resident in a few holistic shop locations, treating clients with taster sessions.

Also over the last few years, David and Sharon have travelled to many well-being events, becoming regular attendees of the Lizian Events, with the aim of meeting community members to further their understanding and share their passion also looking to further his depth and understanding of other therapies and learn how these complementary therapies provide relief from many ailments without drugs and their side effects and how these can complement his reflexology treatments.

David serves the community at the shows with taster sessions for those who have not experienced reflexology and for those wishing to see him at work. He will always give full hour treatments, where requested, at the shows. Reflexology is not a one-hit-wonder, it is a steady growth between client and therapist to overcome the client’s issues.

Reflexology is useful for many conditions of the mind, body and soul, stress and anxiety, digestive disorders, sleep and pain relief, injury rehabilitation, fertility and palliative care, and so much more.

With comments in his visitor’s comments book like below David is spurred on to continue on this journey.

“I’m with Less pain now and more relaxed”
“Dave has a calming manner and always puts you at ease”
“Absolutely fantastic session, made to feel so relaxed. Again fell asleep. Made me feel how important your feet really are”.

Listen to a recording of Dave talking about his work:

Dave has attained a large and loyal following for his work and Visitors can meet him and work with him at many of The Well Being Shows.

LizianEvents organise brilliant Well Being Shows – Many LizianEvents News guests can be met during the events: The Community who makes the shows are fascinating and will offer suggestions and ways to become a Well Being – Use the form below to be kept informed about the Well Being Shows and Community:

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